Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Madurai Brothers - Nadhaswaram

M.P.N. Sethuraman & M.P.N. Ponnuswamy - Nadhaswaram
EMI Columbia - S-33 ESX 6086 - P.1974

Side A

A1 Parath Para — Jaganmohini
A2 Ninnu Vina — Navarasa Kannada

Side B

B1 Nathajana Pari — Simmendra Madhyamam
B2 Maadu Meikkum Kanna — Desh
B3 Ayi Giri Nandhini — Vedham

Thevur S. Rajarathnam, Thavil
Thevur S. Santhanam, Thavil

It has been brought to my attention that I have been posting far too little Nagaswaram music lately, so here on public demand is another, to my ears very good record again with The Madurai Brothers. I promise I will post some more as soon as the ones waiting in line does not complain about being pushed aside...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for more Nadaswaram goodness...can't get enough of it!


bolingo69 said...

more coming...

arvind said...

Wonderful! Sethuraman and Ponnusamy are almost always brilliant, and this looks like one of their earlier LPs. I'd guess that it was recorded at least 20 years before the other LP you posted earlier, going by the pictures of the brothers on the cover.

It must have been something listening to these brothers play the daily ritual music at the grand Madurai Meenakshi temple back in the day. Another moment in time I would love to be transported to (among plenty others).

roberth said...

i hope you come back soon
its great the links are all working
what a great concept and reality of a site
i love it