Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Romania - Deben Bhattacharya recordings

Musique Folklorique du Monde - Roumanie
Enregistrements Deben Bhattacharya
Musidisc- CV 1111 - P.1970-4?

Side A

A1 Hora Lautaresca 1'42
A2 Pe vale 1'31
A3 Doina - Lyric Song 3'10
A4 Doina, on fluier 2'04
A5 Legenyes 1'41
A6 Chant d'amour Moldave 1'38
A7 Ciocanesteanca 3'16

Side B

B1 Invirtit 1'35
B2 Chant d'amour d'Oltanie 2'05
B3 Chant d'amour d'e Transylvanie 1'19
B4 Bumbiereasca 1'37
B5 Bucium 0'27
B6 Doina, on Tilinca 1'36
B7 Fecioreasca 1'17
B8 Ballade 2'18
B9 Chant d'amour 3'02

So, finally ... Lets go with Deben Bhattacharya to Europe and start with "Roumanie". The year of recording is not clear so maybe we can get the help of some of you that are more experts on this music than me. Folkcatalogue maybe can help out! I have not much to say about this record except that there are a few tracks I like very much and others that leave me wondering. I will come back to how the recordings from Eastern Europe were recieved. The next one may very well be the Argo from Rumania or the Musidisc "Hongrie". Apart from the Musidisc I will post all the Caprice, Ocora and Argo recordings I have of Deben Bhattacharyas East European and other European recordings and I will let you listen yourselves before I make any more private comments. Hope you enjoy a few tracks here and if you know more about the music and musicians please let us all know!


folkcatalogue said...

hey bolingo, i looked away for a minute and suddenly you'd posted three more treasures.

Agree with you about the Musidisc Roumanie one. Some tracks do more for me than others...but it's interesting.

But what a wind-up to have such thin information on who's performing and where they were and when...! Pretty feeble of all concerned. The title of B6, by the way, should read "Doina on Tilinca"

I'm pretty certain that these tracks are from the vaults of the same 1965 trip that he used on the Argo Roumania album. I don't think he went back there again to record...

Agree with your guesstimate that this was probably released in 1974.

I don't know enough about Romanian music to guess where the performers are from (apart from the hints in some of the track titles) and i can't tell one bucium player from another, but it could be that the fluier player on A4 is Ilie Cazacu, the tilinca player on B6 could be Mihai Lacatus and the bucium player on B5 could be Viorel Mîndrilă.

And those swirling semi-pro strings behind the girl singer on B2 and B9 sound pretty much like the Folk Orchestra of Olteniţa, who also appeared on the Argo album.

I'm off to listen to it all again. Thanks and thanks.

Unknown said...

unbelievable to find admirers of Romanian traditional music here... I dropped here by chance... I'm from Romania, guys...