Monday, March 28, 2011

Religious Music from the Holy Land - rec. by Deben Bhattacharya

Religious Music from the Holy Land - The World of Music series
recordings by Deben Bhattacharya
Expo Norr - RIKS LPX 3 - 1968

Pre- World War II map

City view of Jerusalem

City view of Betlehem

Side A

A1 Bells from the Coptic Church 0'25
A2 Qudass, Sunday morning celebration 3'00
A3 Kyrie eleison 0'55
A4 Reading of the text 3'00
A5 Ite, Missa est and response 3'00
A6 Verses and response
A7 A hymn sung by massed choirs 4'05

Side B

B1 Simandre 1'10
B2 A hymn for the afternoon service 1'40
B3 Shir Hashrim 1'00
B4 Mizmor Shir Leyoum Shebat 3'25
B5 Bereshit 2'35
B6 Mizmor Shir Channehat Beit 1'12
B7 Addhan 2'30
B8 Waddoha 1'55
B9 Kurbani prayer 5'00

Dominic's church Jerusalem

Christian Quarter in Jerusalem

Islamic prayer

Sheikh Jumal as-Saadi, the Imam of el Jezzar Mosque at Acre.

The Damascus Gate, Jerusalem

An Orthodox Church

Street in Nazareth

Coptic Church, Nazareth

Shelom Kashi and Salem Yehie sing Psalm of David

Moshe Stern, an Ashkenaz Hazan from Jerusalem

Here are some more results from another of Deben Bhattacharyas' recording trips to Palestine
and another of the earliest and very rare LP's from the most elusive Expo Norr series The World of Music.

It is also a new candidate for the Folkcatalogue discography Again in a most exclusive packaging. Very high quality printing beautiful graphic "educational" layout of the Swedish sixties, and again, like the Rajastani and the Hungarian LP's it comes in a very nice quality cloth binding. Much nicer than todays plastic boxes...

I hope you find something to enjoy from this LP.

Also don't miss the four LP's of Deben Bhattachariyas' recordings in Israel posted here by Gadayas on his blog The World Jukebox!

The entrance to a Synagoge in Safed



arvind said...

Its such a delight to see these Expo Norr LPs...each one is a sight to behold, and a case for the value of the physical object. Let someone try recreating this in a digital download (though I must admit that your posts come as close as its possible to!)

The pictures bring the period and the place to life, what a time it must have been to live in the Holy Land.

There's so much to take in and relish in each of your posts, sometimes I forget that there's music to listen to as well! :)

Thank you for everything, dear bo!

bolingo69 said...

Dear Arvind,

Your comments are most welcome, I was just wondering if no one noticed this album! After all it had been up here for almost a full day, and nothing... ;-)

No, I am really happy you take the time to come by here with such regularity and I have you down as honorific Luobaniyan so you will never have any problems in the customs or crossing the borders ;-) Not that we have any such obstacles as borders are only in the minds of non-citizens and Luobaniya is all about freedom!
Welcome back anytime!