Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hungary - Deben Bhattacharya recordings

Musique Folklorique du Monde - Hongrie
Enregistrements Deben Bhattacharya
Musidisc- CV 1116 - P.1970-4?

Side A

A1 Ugros et Csardas 4'45
A2 Ballade de Podoripuszta 2'45
A3 Violonistes Gitans 4'10
A4 Ballade Moldave 2'35
A5 Chant d'Amour Gitan, en Romani 2'06

Side B

B1 Furulya 2'50
B2 Szeretnem, Szeretnem 2'06
B3 Kad Bi Suze Moje Na Kamen Padala 1'08
B4 Improvisation Gitane au Cymbalum 5'00
B5 Nem Zorog A Falevele 1'64
B6 Tambura et Chœur 2'30

More Deben Bhattacharya recordings from eastern Europe and this time from Hungary. Again the dates of the recordings are not known to me and it may become clearer once I have also posted his Hungarian recordings on Ocora, Argo, and Caprice. The same is valid for his recordings from Romania once I have posted the recordings on Argo and Caprice (the last one with the same contents as his Nonesuch LP from Romania) it will be easier to compare. Maybe you know already and can tell us more about these recordings! If so please don't hesitate as I am not very knowledgable in this field of music.

Just let finish by declaring my undivided love to four tracks on this LP!

A2 Ballade de Podoripuszta, I find it very moving

even though I don't have a clue what they are singing. Another great track is

B1 Furulya but

the A5 beats them all!

Chant d'Amour Gitan, en Romani, and this track


have listened to uncountable times because I find it hilarious

and I just love that it is labeled A gypsy love song!

Then there is also the very good track B2

Szeretnem, Szeretnem why it is good? Well, because

I just like it very much for no particular reason other than that I like it! If you know the lyrics to any of these I would love to know if not the whole text so at least what they are about.

This record is also among my first LP's and I got it together with the one I posted previously sometime in the seventies

at a sale in a record shop were most customers bought classical or pop music.

it was sealed and unplayed then and it is still in very good condition! Hope you enjoy!


Anonymous said...

do you have any idea what in the world is happening on the cover?

øשlqæda said...

yaaaa, what a cover! let sleeping horsies lie. i wonder how many [if any] of these made it over to the frémeaux & associés publication? owl return with my report. anthems is a dream come true. thank you bolingo69

Anonymous said...

i've seen some mexican charreada (western US rodeo-like) events where riders mount a bull who is down on its side. the bull has to be held down with ropes on its 4 feet, of course... but when they let go of the ropes, the bull jumps up & does its usual kicking. basically a "bucking bronc" ride but you don't begin in a chute but rather with the extra challenge of the animal coming up from the ground. i was reminded of that...

bolingo69 said...

I think the whips are to keep the flies off the horses backs and to me it looks like just another pastoral scene where human and horses are bonding in the pusta of hungary. After all a lot of them came from mongolia and they should know their equestrian arts. It does not seem like a "flogging a dead horse" scenario to me anyhow. I'd say something rather more peaceful. Wonder if they whisper sweet nothings in the ears of the horses as well.
OK, stunning cover...
So what do you think about the music?

Anonymous said...

the music is nice