Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Gamelans de Bali - Recorded by Louis Berthe & Bernard Yzerdraat

Gamelan de Bali - Musique des Dieux, musique des hommes
Collection du Musée de l'Homme - Recorded 1961-63
by Louis Berthe & Bernard Yzerdraat
Éditions de la Boîte à Musique - BAM LD 096 - P.1965

Side A

A1 Danse rituelle de cour d'amour
A2 Ouverture Rituelle
A3 Air de Procession
A4 Air de Danse
A5 Air
A6 Musique funéraire pour le lavement du corps

Side B

B1 Danse de l'éventail
B2 Air sur le 3 mode #1
B3 Air sur le 3 mode #2
B4 Ouverture et danse
B5 Théatre chanté

Some more rarely spotted old vinyl of gamelan. Here is a recording I have enjoyed very much. I hope you will also. It comes with a very informative eight page folder in french, penned by Louis Berthe who together with Bernard Yzerdraat also did the recordings in 1961-63. I will continue to post gamelan music to put me and you in the mood for all the South East Asian Bärenreiters that are coming so stay tuned, and don't forget to check in here now an then.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for these forgotten gamelan recordings, bolingo! Our deepest appreciation, as always!

Alexis and friends

bolingo69 said...

And, as always you are most welcome and I am happy to see you here! And especially, that these recordings get to live a bit longer and that the music will be allowed to pass through new ears..

Jean said...

heureux de retrouver le meilleur disque de musique balinaise jamais enregistré . c'est Alain Swietlik, musicologue amoureux de ce disque qui me l'a fait découvrir il y a 25 ans..