Monday, March 21, 2011

Music from Bulgaria - Deben Bhattacharya rec. 1965

Musik från Bulgarien - The World of Music Series.
Inspelningar av Deben Bhattacharya 1965
Expo Norr RIKS LPX 4 - P.1971 (Caprice CAP 1085 - rev, P.1978)

Side A

Bytradition — Village tradition

1 Skördevisa 2'15
2 Skördevisa 1'20
3 Recitativisk sång och tambûrá 1'45
4 Horo - brällopsdans 1'35
5 Koledàré - julsång 2'30
6 Herdesång och gaida 5'25
7 Herdesång 2'45
8 Kavál - herdeflöjt 2'30

Side B

Stadstradition — Citytradition

9 Horo - Instrumental dansmusik 2'05
10 Kärleksvisa 2'40
11 Bröllopsmusik - gaida 3'05
12 Bröllopsvisa 1'15
13 Daichovo horo - kavál 2'00
14 Sång till horodans 1'20
15 Gankino horo - gadûlka 2'07
16 Sedénka 2'10
17 Horo - tambûrá 1'25
18 Kärleksvisa 2'25

Here is another record with the recordings of East European folk music traditions from Deben Bhattacharyas taperecorder from 1965. He certainly was very productive and also quite successful at getting his recordings published. Again many of the other recordings made at this trip and in many instances by these very same artists, were also later represented on other labels. I am especially happy to point out the post today on Folkcatalogues blog of this Argo Record Co. Bulgarian record. There is lots to read there so don't forget to check it out!

Here is the link to go to the [ Argo RG 562 ]
Songs and Dances from Bulgaria - P.1968

This record I am posting here, was scheduled for a bit later in the week, but I thought it was a good thing to let this one jump the line to coincide with that one, since the recorded material is so closely related.

Wedding dance in Pirdop square

Georgi Blagolo Rutev with his gaida (Pirdop)

Kavâl (Bulgarian Radio, Sofia)

Gadûlka (Bulgarian Radio, Sofia)


folkcatalogue said...

thanks and praises once again. I could listen to those vocal arrangements on side 2 all day. it must have been one of the first times that the Bulgarian TV and Radio women's choir (Le Mystere des Voix Bulgares) got heard on a record outside of Bulgaria, I reckon.

folkcatalogue said...

for anyone interested, i've just come across this bulgarian folk forum. well worth a long visit

arvind said...

Another wonderful record, thoroughly enjoying it!

Thanks as always, bolingo, and folkcatalogue, thanks for the link to the forum with Bulgarian folk, looks promising.

candle_mambo said...

thank you so much!
a dj played this before our set when we did a concert in sweden and i have been looking for this recordings ever since!

Ulysses Joven said...

Hi, my name is Christian, I'm from Argentina, I would really like to have some of the Deben Bhattacharya records from Macedonia and Bulgaria, but the rapidshare links are broken, If someone could upload them again I will be very happy, please!! Thank you very much for all the sharing, great blog