Monday, March 14, 2011

Music from the Middle East - Recordings by Deben Bhattacharya

Music from the Middle East - Recordings by Deben Bhattacharya
Argo Records - ZRG 532 - P.1967

Side A

A1a Syria - Mawal 2'40
A1b Syria - Andalusi Muwashashah 9'43
A2 Syria - Water-seller in Damascus Market 1'21
A3 Syria - Flute-seller in Damasqus Market 1'36
A4 Syria - Derwish prayer music in maqam Segah 6'15

Side B

B1 Bedouine Camp Syrian Desert - Coffee grinding beats 2'37
B2 Bedouine Camp Syrian Desert - Ballad Bedouine 3'35
B3 Iraq - Ehlelawi 3'29
B4 Iraq - Tabl 2'41
B5 Palestine - Bedouine Love Song 3'08
B6 Palestine - Dabkeh al-a Dala'ona 2'58
B7 Palestine - Arabic Romance in maqam Seeka 4'37

Joudad Halibie,qanun, A1a, A1b
Mohammad Jabban, Ud, A1a, A1b
Hazim, rabab, B2
Al-Haj Hashim Mohammad Al-Rejab, santur, B3
Shu'aib Ibrahim, joza, B3
Abdul-Karim Al-Azawi, tabl, B3, B4
Audi Said Hattas, rebaba, vocal, B5
Shelim Awwad, Mijwiz, B6
Yousif Naif, vocal, B6
Sebag Yehuda, B7

It is time for some more Deben Bhattacharya, My friends have left India on their way back and they will soon be clooser to this music than the Carnatic. The classical indian music will stay a long time in their ears and it am sure it will never leave either them nor this blog. We shall come back to India soon enough but now lets here some Arabic music along the middle eastern countries. Time for some strong coffee with the Bedouins of Jordania and Iraq! This Coffe Grinding beat is even better than the one coming on the next Deben in the Desert ....
As always, I hope you enjoy!


Don't you just feel uncomfortable when they chop off the head of the musicians !!!


Dancing Derwishes



Water vendor in the market of Damascus

Smell the coffee Arvind and Costis ;-)

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arvind said...

Thank you very much, bo, very thoughtful of you! :)

Its nice to take a short break from our own filter kaapi to try some strong coffee from the desert.