Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Madurai Brothers - The Enchanting Nadaswaram

M.P.N. Sethuraman & M.P.N. Ponnuswamy
"The Madurai Brothers" - The Enchanting Nadaswaram
EMI India - ECSD 40507 - P.1983

Side A

A1 Entha Vedukondu - Saraswathi Manohari
- Adi - Thyagaraja 8'39
A2 Pirava Varam - Lathangi
- Adi - Papanasam Sivan 13'15

Side B

B1 Krishna Nee Begane - Yamuna Kalyani
- Misrachapu - Vyasaraja 6'05
B2 Oothai Kuzhiyile & Magudi - Ragamalika
- Pambatti Siddhar Paadal 14'52
B3 Kadi Modi (Tiruppugazh) - Kanada
- Arunagirinathar 3'10

Another great find by my good friends Arvind & Costis from their latest excursions in South India. All ripping and editing again done with the help of the benevolent and patient Zwan. Thank you all for that!

We had some good Nadaswaram before and I can promise that there will be more by the brothers coming later. Here and there a little crackly, nothing terrible, the sound is very good and the music is great, especially the Papanasam Sivan composition Pirava Varam in Lathangi!


lord haw haw said...

Spicin things up again, great stuff.

gilhodges said...

One of my all-time favorite records. Seriously. So wonderful (but not surprising) to see it pop up here.

Stephen said...

This music is just what I was looking for. Thanks, you just made my week!