Saturday, March 19, 2011

Music from Hungary - Deben Bhattacharya rec. 1963-67

Music from Hungary - The Living Tradition
Recordings by Deben Bhattacharya
Argo Record Co. - ZFB 49 - P.1971

Side A

"Village Traditions"

A1 Csardas — slow and fast
a) Megérett a fakete cseresznye — The cherries are getting ripe
b) Szörkesztyü — The woolen gloves
A2 Song for Ring dance - Badogozzák a Pilisi templomot
A3 In the Green Wood - Zöld erdöben
A4 Pigherd's Dances
a) Pigherd's Dance
b) Esteledik a faluna — The evening comes to the village.
c) Hol lakik kend Báosi — Where does uncle live?
A5 Pigherd's Dances
a) Kanásztáne
b) Gyöngyömnek 100 forint ar ára — The price of my pearl is 100 florins
A6 Two Melodies on Bagpipes
a) Kukorica Csutája — Corn on the cob
b) Este virágzik a repee — In the evening the yellow blossom blooms
A7 Song of Szebeny
De sáros és porzik a szép Szebényi utea — How muddy; how dusty is the road to Szebén
A8 Love Songs from Ccárdas dance
a) Háromszinü sözre van a lovamnak — My horse has haor on its skin in three colours
b) Este késön koálltam a kiskapuba egy dül — Late in the evening I stood alone I stood alone at the small side-door.
A9 Wedding Song and Dance
— Máma tedd rá, holnap tedd rá — Mother how early must I leave you?
A10 Love Song
— Csütörtökön este… Thursday evening I was down at the end of the village.
A11 Fergsteges (Storm) — dance

Side B

"The Gypsies"

B1 Ciganytánc
— Two Cimbaloms
B2 Shepherd's Melody
— Juhászlegeny. Szegény. Juhászlegeny
B3 Gyors Csárdás — fast Csárdás
B4 The Rain
— Esik esö fuj a szél — The rain rains and the wind blows.
B5 Gyors Csardas — fast dance

"The Csango Hungarians"

B6 The Ballad of the Three Orphans
— Kaszálomba van egy nyirfa…
— In my grass field there is a birch three.
B7 Old Csardas
— Cicéles levélbül — Played on a pair of green pear leaves!
B8 Lullaby — Babaalitó
B9 Bride's song
— Készüjj Szep Leány Készujj
— Prepare yourself beautiful girl, prepare yourself.
B10 Kecsketanc — Goat dance,

Another installment in the "Deben goes to Eastern Europe" series. Next and last from Hungary for the time being, will be the Ocora. as always I hope you enjoy! Don't miss the tune played on green pear leaves B7!


bamsalakadi said...

Interesting recordings, esp. enjoyed the bit with the Csango Hungarians. Thanks as always, bolingo!

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for all the Deben Bhattacharya series, especially the Hungary ones. Awesome, enchanting music indeed. What I really wish is, you'd post next the "Rythmes et melodies du monde gitan" , also recorded by the great man and released on Club national du disque in 1962. Wink wink, nudge nudge :)
Take care,