Monday, February 28, 2011

An Anthology of South-East Asian Music - Musicaphon Bärenreiter - discography

Musicaphon • Bärenreiter - discographic entry

An Anthology of South-East Asian Music

BM 30 SL 2560 Panji in Lombok I 1972
BM 30 L 2561 The Senoi of Malacca 1963
BM 30 L 2562 Music of the Negrito of Malacca 1924/25, 1963
BM 30 L 2563 The Protomalayans of Malacca 1963
BM 30 SL 2564 Panji in Lombok II 1972
BM 30 SL 2565 Panji in Bali I 1972-73
BM 30 L 2566 Sri Lanka: Singhalese Music:
- Singing and Drumming 1972-77 *
BM 30 SL 2567 The Mandailing People of Sumatra 1971-79
BM 30 L 2568 The Angkolo People of Sumatra 1971-72
BM 30 SL 2569 Sri Lanka: Kolam - The Masked Play 1979, 1982

BM 30 SL 2570 Ritual Music from Bali I:
- The Annual Cycle in Tatulingga: The Usaba Sumbu 1972

BM 30 SL 2571 Ritual Music from Bali II:
- Music of the Annual Cycle in Tatulingga, 1972-73* (Cross-Section )

BM 30 SL 2572 The Lahunyi of Thailand 1985

BM 30 SL 2573 Ritual Music from Bali III:
- The Gong Gedé from Sulahan

BM 30 SL 2574 Ritual Music from Bali IV

BM 30 SL 2575 Contemporary Music from Bali.
- The Gamelan Gong Kebyar in Pinda and Sawan.

I don't think the one below ever made it on to LP, so maybe it is a CD only release.


M 52576 The Kenyah of Kalimantan
- An Anthology of South-East Asian Music

This discographic post is a preparatory one to facilitate later finding of the following posts. Nothing to click on yet but ideally all catalogue numbers will later be clickable and bring you to the respective post. 


Anonymous said...

There is still another LP in this series: BM 30SL 2575 Contemporary Music from Bali. The Gamelan Gong Kebyar in Pinda and Sawan.
Dear Bolingo,thank you so much for your wonderful and fantastic Blog!
Bernhard (from Germany)

bolingo69 said...

Thank you very much for telling me this Bernhard. Drop me a mail if you happen to have that LP or any of the other last two records in the list. I appreciate this infor very much, one of the reasons I like to share the ones I have...

Anonymous said...

Yes, indeed I have that LP(2575)and The Kenyah of Kalimantan (52576)as CD - probably never released as LP.
But I have not the other last two records in the list.
Greetings - Bernhard

bolingo69 said...

I also have the CD but the 2575 is interesting!
I suggest you contact me by mail (if you don't mind that is)
Kindlly drop me a mail to "info at bolingo dot org"

Anonymous said...

The 2575 has been released as vinyl, it was recorded in 1982/85.

BTW: I got the 2574 as well.


bolingo69 said...

A. !

Thnak you fo the information! Much appreciated!

so BTW. would it not be lovely to have not only the 13 Lp's (I will start posting as soon as I get out from southern India) but also both the 2574 and 2575 and then maybe someone else shows up with 2573 ;-) And we will have all 16 of them finally. (In my case, after all these years as I started bying them when they came out) So please A. , do contact me at the suggested box mentioned in my previous comment to Bernhard!
It would be grand in deed!

Anonymous said...

well, 2573 should be at home, too...


bolingo69 said...

That sounds very good A full stop!

I'd say A+

Absolutely Excellent

A+E or is it maybe A+B

Absolutely Brilliant

bo ;-)