Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sulamangalam Sisters - Murugan Devotional Songs

Sulamangalam Sisters - Murugan Devotional Songs
EMI India S/33ESX 6031 - P.1970

Side A

A1 Sri Mahaganapathe
A2 Swararagasutha

Side B

B1 Panchashadpeedaroopini
B2 En Indha Mounam
B3 Arbuthamana pazhaniappa
B4 Kandan mel kaadal
B5 Nalamyavum tharuvai muruga
B6 Mamaduraiyil

I have little to add about the music of this record, except that it is one of the best Sulamangalam Sisters I have heard. A beautiful mix of Carnatic Classical and Carnatic Devotional "Filmi" songs. I wholeheartedly recommend it. And it makes me "triply" happy as it has a little story. It belongs to a very special batch of recordings. I wrote the following in one of my comments to one of the previous postings on Carnatic Devotional Music:

"As I have friends traveling to India that will for the first time see and stay in places I love and that they have been loving from a distance. They travel to meet with another wonderful friend and all this is because of music! I have over the last month on and off been thinking about how best to make this travel and congregation an auspicious one and as I wanted to be there myself but only can travel later in the year I was thinking of some way that I also could be part of their adventure and therefore we are all going to have this Carnatic spring!

Over the following days we shall see not only posts of my own records but also some contributions by my friends! There will be several more devotional albums and soon to follow, there is at least one more Sulamangalam Sisters!

(This post contains that very album!)

The record was spotted and secured by the good Arvind and sent over the great water and ripped and digitally fondled by good Costis with very little help from the lazy dog zwan but whose overseeing I am sure was crucial to the whole undertaking! This eventually led to these digital likenesses finding their way through the myriads of protocols on the internet to finally land with us here!

I am confident you will enjoy many of them!

It will be my great pleasure to be with you on your journey and to bring other travellers in music along with us!"

That is what I wrote, and what the Carnatic Spring postings mean, is that for the duration of my friends journey that starts today (on what numerological seems to be very special date 2011.02.22 and as I hope an auspicious one!) I will play mostly Carnatic music at home and burn incense for their safe passage and for the first week there will only be posts with Carnatic music here at Luobaniya!!

Thank you so much Costis for the rip and the photos made just before leaving and thank you Arvind for finding the records taking good care of them and passing them on to a good future!

I propose that we keep doing this "digital trinity offerings" later and on a more regular basis!

But to make it clear to everyone else, that are not specifically into Carnatic Devotional or Classical Music, you may rest assured I am not going to stop posting music from other traditions! There will be music interspersed in the course of posting from most all over the world. I may even go to Europe when it gets a bit warmer here. I still have not finished posting Deben Bhattacharya's field recordings but they will come, as will the Bärenreiters, Esperance, BAM, and all the others! I have not forgotten! I just have too many things I want to share with you at the same time. Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, African, South East Asia, they will all come back but now it is this glowing warming of the Carnatic Spring that will shine over all of you!


bamsalakadi said...

Pure bliss, thanks bolingo!

Anonymous said...

Lovely, tranquil music and definitely my favourite from the sisters! Thanks for the endless supply of essential music!


bolingo69 said...

There will be some more devotional music the following days but beginning of next week there will be some fantastic very good and rather rare vinyl with Carnatic Classical bot male and female vocal and some Intrumental as well. We shall see what gets prepared first ;-)

Barron said...

I had not heard anything quite like this before. I've now been listening to the sisters for three days straight.

Absolutely delightful. Thank you for introducing me to this music.

Unknown said...

thank you!