Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Musik från Bengalen - Rec. Deben Bhattacharya

Musik från Bengalen (Music from Bengal)
recordings and notes by Deben Bhattacharya
Caprice - RIKS LPX 7 (CAP 1088) - P.1974

Side 1

1 Dansay-dans 3'00
2 Sångdans 2'50
3 Dohai guru 6'25
4 Folkmelodier på anandalahari 3'30
5 Olo konya 2'30
6 Sång till grödan; Kanichhat garinu 3'45

Side 2

7 Mono cholo kashidam 6'00
8 Are Musalmane bolego Allah 2'30
9 Bou-nach (bruddans) 3'20
10 Båtsånger från Bangladesh 5'30
11 Instrumentalt framförda folkmelodier 5'40


anticredos said...

Quality!! Wonderful pictures. I wonder how many recordings Deben made? Thanks for the further tips, very useful...cheers!

bolingo69 said...

He said himself that he had made 20 movies and 130 LP albums in the sleeve notes to one of his albums. I will go on to post at least 10-15 more or so. But not all at once, there will be still 5 more this time around and then we will see!

Anonymous said...

Another exceptional record, and your presentation is great as usual. Big thanks for the incredible work you put into each post, this blog is an education.

Best wishes,

Janas said...

Simply amazing. Thanks a lot Bolingo!

arvind said...

This music and the booklet transports me to a very special time and place. I've been so absorbed with the pictures in the folder, I hardly noticed not being able to read the text. Some beautiful photography there!

And its a nice panoramic collection! These Bengal recordings must have been a labour of love for Bhattacharya; though he didn't grow up there, he belongs to Bengal.

Now, I'm curious to read what the notes have to say about the Santals, so I think I'll head on to everyone's favourite translator and see what it throws up ;)
Might even learn some Swedish in the process.

Thanks, bo! :)

Love Letters Journal said...

Ooooh. Mummy please we want to go to Bengal. What pretty pictures - does anyone know where to watch any of his films? I mean if the music is out of print then the movies are probably equally untouchable... thanks for opening up some new worlds for us here thought!

Anonymous said...

can`t download
link does not work
pls check it

Anonymous said...

the link is dead
pls help me out

pls give me good link to download

santanu said...

pls upload "ECHOES FROM BANGLADESH" Rec.by Deben Bhattacharya. A wonderful collection of Bengali Baul, Folk songs.

Anonymous said...

Id really like to thanks for the work uploading and taking the time to share this material..

thx a lot!!