Friday, February 18, 2011

The Syrian Maqams - Recorded by Deben Bhattacharya

The Syrian Maqams - The Living Tradition
Recorded and Produced by Deben Bhattacharya
Argo - ZFB 58 - P.1972

Side A

A1 Bashraf Sama'i Taatiyus
A2 Taqsim on Nay
A3 Taqsim on Violine
A4 Ajam on Buzuk

Side B

B1 Hijaz
B2 Rasd
B3 Taqsim on 'Ud

A1,A3, B1-B3 Recorded in Damascus 1955
A2,A4 Recorded in Damascus 1960

Named Musicians:

Badruddin Halibie, ney A2
Joudad Halibie, qanun A1
Muhammad Jabban, ud A1,B3
Muhammed Abdul Karim, buzuk A4


øשlqæda said...

good morning bolingo. very excited to see material from syria. merci

Anonymous said...

sheesh, a deeeeeep vault of material

lord haw haw said...

Thanks again for another outstanding musical artifact.

bolingo69 said...

My word of verification was "shnee" very close to the german word for snow. I thought it was woert to point out that most of these artifacts has been made possible in large parts because I have more or less been snowed in since before december! I am happy you are happy and I hope it continues to snow. It snowed today it snowed yeasterday and the day before ..... Fortunately there is around two hours if decent daylight that gives me enough time to take photos of 10-30 albums a day. And funny thing is that the quality is always better when there is no sun. I love the sun but I also like good quality photos, as it means less tweaking in photoshop!
There will be many many more goodies before the winter is over and I knwo what is coming I only wish I had more time to spend on editing. Tell your friends and family to check out this place and don't worry. The vaults are very deep! Have a nice weekend, more coming tomorrow. Very good music I promise!

bolingo69 said...


Unknown said...

As the song says: 'let it snow, let it snow, let it snow'. Another treasure. Thanks

Love Letters Journal said...

Love long time. Tank ye

arvind said...

Really wonderful music! Thanks so much, bo!

Janas said...

Thank you very much, Bolingo!

Anonymous said...

snow, eh...?


verge said...

I think owl sent me here through one of his links on his excellent blog.
Anyways, thanks for this, I'm following on the googles reader.