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Musique Religieuse de l'Inde -recorded by Deben Bhattacharya

Musique Religieuse de l'Inde
Documents sonores recueilles et enregistrés à Bénarès par Deben Bhattacharya
Bôite à Musique - BAM LD 015 - P.1964

Side A

A1 Bhajana (chant de dévotion)
A2 Gajan (danse en l'honneur de Shiva)
A3 Chant de Ramprasadi (en l'honneur de Kali)
A4 Mélodie Baul (Dotârâ)
A5 Chant mystique de Baul

Side B

B1 Closhes de monastère
B2 Mangalacharana et Trisharana (Prière bouddhiste)
B3 Jayamangala Astagatha (Bénédiction de mariage)
B4 Ghambhira nritya (Danse de Kali)
B5 Palavali kirtana (fragment)
B6 Pala kirtana

Yet another rarity of the earlier sixties recordings by Deben Bhattacharya. Liner notes are again in french only. For those who only read english it will get a little better once I start posting the LP's on the Argo label, but music is the universal language so I am sure you will enjoy anyhow. I put a lot of work into supplying as full documentation as possible and I try to refrain from rewriting shorter summaries, as I hope you will find enough information in the liner notes. There is always the aid of automatic translations if we are eager enough to find out.


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arvind said...

Just woke up to find this, and wanted to thank you...checking in here is becoming an essential early-morning routine! That Chola bronze seems omnipresent. BAM used it for the sleeve of the last record you posted as well. But this one's much prettier :)

One small the back sleeve, under the heading, it says these songs were recorded by Deben in Benaras. But on the record stickers, it says Province du Bengale under the title. And a cursory glance is enough to show that most (if not all) of these were recorded in Bengal, like the bells (song one on Side B), which was recorded in a Buddhist monastery in Calcutta, something even I could understand without the need for translation.

Is there some mistake, or am I missing something? Please forgive my incapacity with French. :)

More later, once I actually listen. Already very excited to get to hear some Buddhist music from Calcutta!

Janas said...

Much appreciated, THANKS again Bolingo!

bolingo69 said...

Well, it is confusing that it says both these things, and all I can say is that it is not the first time I see erroneous or shall we say not completely accurate information on a record sleeve. ;-)

It says in the notes to track B5 Padavali Kirtana that it was an interpretation by a known Bengali singer living in Benares, but it does not say where it was recorded.

For most of the tracks that have any information about where it was recorded B1,B2 are indeed from Calcutta and the rest seems to be recorded in the provinces Nadia and Birbhum in the state of West Bengal.
I only said, they were recorded by Deben Bhattacharya, hopefully the year 1954 is right! ;-)

bolingo69 said...

b.t.w. this kind of discussion would be less fun without the A and B-side stickers, don't you think? But, that is only one of the many reason why I am such a stickler for stickers ;-)

arvind said...


I can't believe that the producers didn't check the information on the sleeves, and even more surprising to me is how it slipped Deben! Agreed that he had over 130 records released, and this by different labels all over Europe, but still...I'd presume that he must have set his sights on this one at least once :)

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Bless you!

Ben Kubits said...
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