Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sulamangalam Sisters - Murugan Devotional Songs

Sulamangalam Sisters - Murugan Devotional Songs
EMI India 33ESX 6038 - P.1977

Side A

A1 Thiruneeril
A2 Muruganukku Orunaal
A3 Karunai Mugangal
A4 Vel Vandhu
A5 Oru Mugamai
A6 Kavadigal

Side B

B1 Muthuvel
B2 Adugindranadi
B3 Muruga un sirippu
B4 Deiva Thamizh
B5 Muthedukkum
B6 Eraivanukke

Smt. Jayalakshmi & Smt. Rajalakshmi hail from the musically famous Sulamangalam village in Tanjore District. Both the sisters had their training in Carnatic music under the guidance of Sri Pathamadai Krishna Iyer. The knowledge of the Carnatic Music and the mellifluos voice enabled them to receive their recognition among the public in a short span of time.
The devotional songs to Lord Muruga have also been sung in films and have become very popular with the audience. The selection on this LP truly transmits the feeling of Divine ecstacy and come from songs that were previously released on 78 rpm records.

Hope you like it, and if you do, don't forget to check the extra link below!
Also do remember to come back in a few days as there will be at least one more album by the sisters and much more Carnatic music. Both classical and devotional especially as they often are one and the same ;-)

Twofer bonus!

Another good thing about blogging is the sudden stirs in the collective soul, that atman synchronicity if you like, giving you the feeling that somehow we are connected. A friend in music who keeps a most wonderous blog has just posted another LP by the sisters. I suggest you go check that out as well! Do you remeber "twofers", two LP's on one? Well you can consider this posts one of those "twofers" if you step over to Ghostcapital and check out this one:


nicholab said...

thanks very much, bolingo! so excited for more cosmic sounds from the sisters soolamangalam. my own cross-link to this post is on the way...

bamsalakadi said...

Thank you very much for this blissful music, its the perfect medicine after a tiring day!

arvind said...

Sweet as ambrosia! The sisters have a unique style, sometimes its almost like they're cajoling and whispering their prayers and love to Muruga :)

A perfect lullaby and tonic for restless souls everywhere :)

Thanks for preserving these records, and for handing them over to a whole new set of listeners, bo!

bolingo69 said...

Happy to see your comments!
nicholab, bamsalakadi and arvind!

As I have friends traveling to India that will for the first time see and stay in places I love and that they have been loving from a distance. They travel to meet with another wonderful friend and all this is because of music! I have over the last month on and off been thinking about how best to make this travel and congregation an auspicious one and as I wanted to be there myself but only can travel later in the year I was thinking of some way that I also could be part of their adventure and therefore we are all going to have this Carnatic spring!

Over the following days we shall see not only posts of my own records but also some contributions by my friends! There will be several more devotional albums and soon to follow, there is at least one more Sulamangalam Sisters!

The record was spotted and secured by the good Arvind and sent over the great water and ripped and digitally fondled by good Costis with very little help from the lazy dog zwan but whose overseeing I am sure was crucial to the whole undertaking! This eventually led to these digital likenesses finding their way through the myriads of protocols on the internet to finally land with us here!

I am confident you will enjoy many of them!

It will be my great pleasure to be with you on your journey and to bring other travellers in music along with us!

arvind said...

So thoughtful and kind of you to have an impromptu Carnatic spring in Luobaniya :) Your presence will be greatly missed here, but we will carry these songs around on our travels, and think of you! Really looking forward to when you come down later in the year, and we get to spend some good time together.

Even I was thinking of the things our connected world has made possible. We have the entire world's music, knowledge and culture at reach, something that would have been unimaginable even a few decades back. But the most rewarding part of this for me is the people we meet, and when such opportunities arise to extend these friendships to 'real life', its a great feeling!

eL-Horto said...

I have to write innumerable pranam and mahathanx for You, Dear Lars, who is the Mahatma of the Nation of the Luobaniya.
If there was some information about your email address I could to explain a detailed danyavaad from/by a kindred soul from Hungisthan.
Laszlo Hortobagyi(

Unknown said...

thank you! I've been looking for this!