Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Music from the Himalayas - Recordings by Deben Bhattacharya

Music from the Himalayas - The Living Traditions
Recordings and sleevenotes by Deben Bhattacharya
Argo - ZFB 40 - P.1967

Side A

A1 Chholia dance 4'30
A2 Kherey Kà Nách 5'10
A3 Shrikand Natti 2'50
A4 Bhamnu and Dohay 1'40
A5 Shad-ritu Varnan 4'25
A6 Tibetan dance drama (extract 1) 2'30
A7 Tibetan dance drama (extract 2) 1'20

Side B

B1 Lama Chhopa 1'15
B2 Khampti mask dance 2'15
B3 Khampti ballad 1'35
B4 Dimacha Kachari 2'10
B5 Ben 2'25
B6 Kachari ballad 2'30
B7 Tingteila 2'35
B8 Phanguri lament 1'45
B9 Maran Mahon 2'45
B10 Lumlaola 3'20

The lables were the same on both sides of my copy, both were of side 1!
Is there anyone who can supply a photo or scan of the B-side label?


bamsalakadi said...

Oh man, priceless stuff! Thanks so much!

nicholab said...

hi bolingo- so, i happened to run across a nice sized stash of Deben Bhattacharya recorded lps, from allover the map, just a few days ago. assuming that they're still there, i thought i'd ask if there are any in particular you might be looking for? if so, i'd be more happy to "rol" a couple your way. cheers!

arvind said...

Love this record, so many wonderful songs here! Thanks yet again, bo!

I was looking for some information on this record, and landed up on the folkcatalogue blog, which as you know features that excellent catalogue of Argo Records. The author has quoted from some reviews of this record published in magazines at the time. Seems this LP had quite a following then. Especially amusing and typical of the time is the review titled "Shiva puts his head together".:)

You can read the post here

The author of the blog requested anyone who has a copy to share it with him, so I've left a link there to your post.

Unknown said...

bolingo. it's like christmas every day in our house since i've come across your blog.

bolingo69 said...

OK, very good!
I am trying to get at least one LP up per day. I am trying also to plan ahead a bit and I want to keep certain themes and topics for "cluster posts" but I have an ongoing desire to post more diversity as I a have really a lifetime of collected material that I feel an urge to at least represent here. I also understand that many of the records I have been sharing are really hard to come by and there is this contradiction of not wanting to overflow you with good music that you will not have time to digest. So for the moment I am tryin to stick to the healing motto "one record a day keeps the doctor away". I have started posting many series and I will continue to nurture those so there will be diversity. I should post more Arabic, Persian, Jjapanese and Korean. I have not excluded the possibility either to go back to European occasions and even a trip to the New World will eventually be unavoidable. However it is most likely to be in connection with field recordings of cultures that were there before the colonization or diaspora representatives of the above mentioned. Mostly my reasoning for that is of course not that there is no good music from any other groups. No! It is only a feeling that there is pretty good representation of this music on so many other wonderful blogs that I don't feel I should bother.

I have offered copies of all my Argo's to folkcatalogue and it seems he, like I would like to continue some co operation. I love his blog, it is really great!


Very kind offer and happy to see you here! I will send you a list by private mail as soon as I get on a new roll... or is it, on a roll anew... well, never mind as long as the speeds are 78, 33,3 or 45 ...

extended christmas celebrations will have new presents for the following days at exactly PM 6.09


Priceless for sure! It is free ;-)

Janas said...

Greetings and many thanks!

andrew posts said...

hi. yeah ive got an image of side 2 label.

cheers folks.

roberth said...

thank u for keeping these links alive even when you are traveling
i had missed all the earlier deben's and now i am getting them.
hope yr travels are well