Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Angkola People of Sumatra - Rec. 1971-79

The Angkola People of Sumatra
- An Anthology of South-East Asian Music
Recordings by Margaret J. & H. Kartomi - 1971-79
Musicaphon • Bärenreiter - BM 30 SL 2568 - P.1983

Side A

No. 1 Gordang Irama Rangas Na Ule-Ule 2'27
No. 2 Gordang Irama Harajaon, dengan 4'36
- (with) Irama Onang-Onang dan (and) Irama Jeir-Jeir
No. 3 Gordang Irama Aek Magodang 2'23
No. 4 Gordang Irama Sihutur Sanggul 2'01
No. 5 Gambang Mandangkit Ko Somanikitik Kami 1'12
No. 6 Tulila Solo 0'34
No. 7 Gordang Irama Udan Potir 1'59
No. 8 Gordang Irama Tua 3'25
No. 9 Gordang Irama Roba Na Mosok 1'18
No. 10 Ungut-Ungut - Sikambang Angola 3'03

Side B

No. 11 Sitogol Angkola and Mandailing with ole-ole 5'02
No. 12 Gondang Irama Onang-Onang dan (and) Ile-Ile Naposo Bulung 4'56
No. 13 Gondang Irama Onang-Onang Inanta Soripada 1'54
No. 14 Zikir-rapano Toko Dua 2'52
No. 15 Zikir-rapano Toko Pinis 4'07
No. 16 Gondang Irama Campong-campong 2'08

Here is the second record I have chosen to post from this series. There will be thirteen more coming during the following weeks. For an interesting review of this record see the accompanying text of my previous post!

Muslim Men performing zikir-rapano in Wele I.

The men sing Muslim poetry, accompanying themselves on frame drums.

Girls in Sabadolok performs nasit,
accompanying their singing on frame drums.

A gambang played by two women outside their house in Bahal I, Portibi.

Dancers portrayed iconographically on a temple at Portibi, Patang Lawas.


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Thanks again, Bolingo, another important musical artifact.

Janas said...

Once again, my dear friend Bolingo, a big thank you!

Anonymous said...

Exceptional music, one record after the other! Its going to take me a few years to do justice to all these, but I thank you!


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I like the idea to have us all listening to music as that certainly will keep some of us away from other mischief! ;-)

Love Letters Journal said...

Ja - mischievious activities like "working", "eating" and "sleeping".

I'm beginning to understand what the phrase "slave to the rhythm" really means...

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