Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Musiques du Cameroun - Bakweri, Bamileke, Bamoun, Beti

Musiques du Cameroun - Bakweri, Bamileke, Bamoun, Beti
Documents recuilles par Tolla Nikiprowetzky 
avec le concours de Radiodiffusion Nationale du Cameroun 1965.
Ocora - OCR-25 - P.1966

Group of dancers

A couple, Bamoun statues in bronze

Tarantula and snakes
A royal symbol of the Bamoun

Side A

A1 Beti - Obama Ondoua Ebini 5'13
A2 Bamileke - Yaya naya 2'53
A3 Bamileke - Kufo 2'27
A4 Bamileke-Bafang - Yaya Kam 1'53
A5 Bamoun - Ndanjé 3'00
A6 Bamoun - Mendou Mbgwana 2'47

Side B

B1 Bamileke - Nekian 1'45
B2 Bamileke-Bafoussam - Chembania 4'30
B3 Bamileke-Bangoulap - Nkuivu Popandoum 3'43
B4 Bakweri - Malé - 3'30
B5 Bamileke-Bandjoun - N'doung sim 2'58
B6 Bamileke-Bamengoum - Lali 2'33

 Here is another great album from the olden days. There is ample documentation (all in French), but unlike most of the early Ocoras there are no photos! Usually these early LP's were full of very good photography and textual documentation, often running into 14-20 pages. So to make up for the lack of visual content I have added some pictures I scavenged from the web. Anyhow, it is a great record and the music easily makes up for the missing pictures. I hope you enjoy!

Bamileke, Kwifo mask

Bamileke masks and costumes

Bamileke with braided Leopard

Bamileke royal cap

Earth spider

Masked Bamileke tribesman

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arvind said...

Ah,yes, another gem from the bottomless Luobaniyan vaults!

Thanks, dear bo!

Anonymous said...

From the Bamoun, some other labels like sonafric or ocora produced entire albums, as they have a rich musical background.

Anybody knows some entire albums from the Beti & Bamileke?


Anonymous said...

Many thanks! Much appreciated