Sunday, April 10, 2011

National Anthems of African States - Ocora

Hymnes nationaux - par la Musique de la Garde Républicaine de Paris,
Direction Francois Julien Brun.

(National Anthems of African States)
Orchestra of the Republican Guard in Paris
Conducted by Francois Julien Brun.
Office de coopèration radiophonique
- Disques Ocora - OCR 31 - 1967

Side A

A1 République Fédérale du Cameroun - Chant de raillement 0'55
A2 République Centrafricaine - Rainaissance 0'50
A3 République du Congo - La Congolais (Brazzaville) 0'55
A4 République Démocratique du Congo - Debout Congolais (Leopoldville) 1'37
- replaced 1971 by la Zaïroise
A5 République de Côte-d'Ivoire - L'Abidjanaise 1'00
A6 République du Dahomey - L'Aube nouvelle 1'22
A7 République du Gabon - La Concorde 1'27
A8 République de Guinée - Liberté 0'54
A9 République de Haute-Volta - Fière Volta de mes aïeux 0'57
A10 République Malagasy - Ry Tanindrazanay malala ô 0'52

Side B

B1 République du Mali - À ton appel Mali 1'31
B2 République Islamique de Mauritanie - (sans paroles) 2'14
B3 République du Niger - La Nigerienne 1'46
B4 République Rwandaise - Rwanda Rwacu 1'09
B5 République du Sénégal - Pincez tous vos koras 1'32
B6 Sierra Léone - High We Exalt Thee 1'58
B7 République du Somalie - (sans paroles) 0'30
B8 République du Tchad - La Tchadienne 1'03
B9 République du Togo - Salut à toi pays de nos aïeux 0'54

Hunting for candidates for a possible Anthem for Luobaniya I also consulted this record, suffice it to say that in most cases it made me conscious of what I was not looking for and I am also very much aware that in some instances the memories invoked by a few of these Anthems will not instill the happy feeling of belonging and peaceful tranquility.

I have no intention to upset anyone, nor do I want to offend any ones feelings unnecessarily, so regard this as an historical document for your reference only.

To see the relevant flag for each nation current at the time of recording you can click on the nations name in the track listing and hopefully it will take you to an image of that flag.

Lastly I would also like to caution anyone whose nationalistic spirits soar too high, that it is a good assessment of any mans qualities, that which is said about the heart of the man of power, that rather than to gain glory from invading and conquering cities, it is indeed nobler to quench ones wrath and to still ones temper!

And as always, I hope you enjoy this, but within reason...


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