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Music From Rwanda - recorded 1954-55 by Denyse Hiernaux-L'hoëst

Music From Rwanda

Recordings and documentation by Denyse Hiernaux-L'hoëst 1954-55
Photography by Jaques J. Maquet

In collaboration with the Royal Museum of Central Africa, Tervuren 

An Anthology Of African Music 2
Bärenreiter • Musicaphon - BM 30 L 2302 - P.1965

Side A


No. 1 Rukina, Seven drums of the mwami with song. - Nyanza 5'02
No. 2 Song with handclapping - Rurambo 3'01
No. 3 Umuhara, Song of the spirits - Astrida 2'20
No. 4 Guhindura - Cyinkanga (Nyanza territory) 2'36
No. 5 Muberule, Board Zitehr - Rurambo 2'46
No. 6 Kana, name of a woman - Astrida 3'06
No. 7 Chandali, Mens song with zither accompaniment - Astrida 3'07
No. 8 Ikimanura, Arrival of the Tutsi - Nyanza 3'33

Side A total time 25'31

Side B


No. 9 Mugore W'Ingare, the difficult woman - Astrida 2'08
No. 10 Induru Ni Ndende, the war cry is long - Astrida 5'04
No. 11 Ikondera, song of the brides friends - Astrida 1'53
No. 12 Ntawundi mwana nkibyara ndakuze, he can no longer procreate, he's to old - Astrida 3'22
No. 13 Kubangurira, Pastoral song - Astrida 1'54
No. 14 Ingare, the shrew - Astrida 2'05
No. 15 Agasambi, the royal crane - Astrida 3'15
No. 16 Nshoz' Uruyange, praise of an army corps - Musha 1'57
No. 17 Ibare, in praise of a chieftain - Cyinkanga (Nyanza territory) 2'33

Side B total time 29'42

We had three records before from Rwanda, all published by Royal Museum of Central Africa, Tervuren and the volume in this Unesco series is a collaboration with that same Museum. 
Rwanda Map

Rwanda Map (detail)

Hutu dance of the brides friends

Hutu dance of the brides friends

Hutu musical bow

Hutu vertical flute

Hutu vertical flute


Tutsi. Seven drums of the Mwami

Tutsi. Umuhara song of spirits

Twa. Makondera orchestra

Twa song and dance

Young Tutsi singer

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