Thursday, April 7, 2011

Koninklijk Museum voor Midden-Afrika - Tervuren

Koninklijk Museum voor Midden-Afrika

Musee Royal de l'Afrique Centrale
1971 Tervuren

Réf. 680301? - Swazimuziek - Recordings by D. Rycroft - No 1 - P.1968
Réf. 680301? - Luba-Shankadi vocale muziek - Rec. Jos Gansemans - No 2 - P.1969
Réf. 680301? - Zulu, Swazi en Xhosa instrumentale en vocale muziek - No 3 - P.1969
Réf. 680301? - De Teda uit Tibesti - instrumentale muziek - No 4 - P.1971
Réf. 6803015 Ankole West Uganda - No 6 - P.1971
Réf. 6803017 Kongo Music - Music of the Mpangu - No 5 - P.1977
Réf. 6803031 Music of the Bafia - Cameroun - No 7 - P.1977
Réf. 6803038 Yaka Music - Zaïre - No 8 - P.1977
Réf. 6803044 Humbi & Handa - Angola - No 9 - P.1977
Réf. 6803054 Musique de Luanda in Zaïre - No 10 - P.1977
Réf. 6803073 Musique de Tchokwe in Zaïre - No 11 - P.1977

Alpha 5023 Rwanda 1 - Musique Instrumentale - P.1977
Alpha 5024 Rwanda 2 - Musique Vocale - P.1977
Alpha 5025 Rwanda 3 - Musique de Danse - P.1977

Thanks for the kind help extended by "whiteink" that now allows us also to know what the first four volumes were. Those I have no copy of, but if someone has them and could supply digital likeness of the audio and photos of the sleeves and labels and accompanying booklets ;-)
I am sure that all Luobaniyans would be overjoyed. I had checked the museum homepages but failed finding the RMCA series. I would be very happy if someone still has more information about any other series like the Alpha Label. But I have not even looked carefully at the Museum homepage yet, so maybe they are right under my nose. I'll let you know. But if you know if there were any publications on LP or cassette either in other own produced series or a continuation on the Alpha label or other label of African field recordings you'll let us know right!

All the volumes listed above (minus the first four!) will be posted here as soon as I find time! Most are almost ready and the vol 1-3 of Rwanda will soon start appearing here. But the volumes 6-11 all include a 50 - 80 pages book with the "liner notes" (actually more like field research reports) in french, flemish german and english and they take considerably longer time to edit. If you can contribute any other recordings from this series and that are not listed here please let me know and I will post them here with your kind help. Or you make them available somewhere we can reach them!


Anonymous said...

at least volume 4 can still be ordered from the museum, vols. 1-3 and 5 are said to be sold out. Please see:

Otherwise I want to thank you very much for the wonderful treasures you supply daily in such impeccable detail. All these 50s, 60s and 70s records have a beautiful and irresistible melancholy about them, and the music is so very much alive and spacious. The air is vibrating!

A deep bow and thank you,


Anonymous said...

I am very sorry, but I noticed the link gives a confusing amount of results. Finding the album on the museum site is not straightforward, so it's better to go with this link: , then go to Sub-Series and from the scroll-down menu select MUSICOLOGY / Gramophonerecords - Series RMCA and hit the search button. That should do the trick :)


Anonymous said...

coolish coolness!!!! by the way, april 7th is Ravi Shankar's 91st birthday! he's done so much for all of us, so we should do something for him!

Mambo Lupita de AZTLAN

bolingo69 said...

Thank you for the info Tintweiß! Indeed there are some information but if anyone can come forward with the catalogue numbers, or better yet if someone has them why not share them with us! Now is a good time for that!

Lupita About Ravi, please go ahead! Great idea, so let us know what you could do for him and where you did it!


I have many old Ravi Shankar vinyls but I think he is rather well represented at many places on the web. I will eventually get around to post some of his recordings also but I feel I have to leave that for the moment for other music even closer to my heart.

Anonymous said...

he is and has long been well represented, but i'm surprised that his birthday hasn't even been mentioned in some of the places which seemed more likely to do so? the "go to" blogs for indian music, at least those i usually "go to." anyway, no, the most i can do at this time is just spread the word, which i've done here, there, and a few other places. my means are limited, but its all about unity...

Mambo Lupita de AZTLAN

Anonymous said...

in other words, i've already done "it" and right here is one of the places "it" happened. if anyone else wants to keep Ravi in their thoughts, and he is of course profoundly revered by so many musicians, to say nothing of his humanitarian efforts the world over... if anyone wants to keep that in mind... well, i gave them the *heads up* & now the rest is up to them... imagine just being totally forgotten by all but some teenager living in end-of-the-earth AZTLAN, while the hip crowd parties on & on...