Friday, April 22, 2011

Ritual Music from Bali III - The Gong Gedé from Sulahan

Ritual Music from Bali III - The Gong Gedé from Sulahan 
Recordings by Danker H. Schaareman, Barni Palm and Monika Nadolny
An Anthology of South-East Asian Music
Bärenreiter • Musicaphon - BM 30 SL 2573 - P.1985?

Side A

No. 1 Dangdang Gendis 21'41

Side B

No. 2 Tabuh Telu 11'09
No. 3 Tabuh Pisan 13'08

Here is the third volume of Ritual Music from Bali. One of those that I knew existed but never could locate. I am very happy for the help extended to make it possible to post here. The high quality of the photos and the accurate rips is truly a delight to behold. Thank you very much! Also the next two records in this series from vol IV of the Ritual Music and another with contemporary gamelan from Bali came from the same helping friend in music. We are all indebted and still hope for more help from anyone who sees a hole in the Luobaniyan archives and would rather make it whole. Hope you enjoy the music!

Gong Gede Sulahan

Gong Gede Sulahan

Village Street in Sulahan

Gangsa Gede


Gangsa Gede in Batured

Reong Trompong Barengan

Trompong and Barengan

Trompong Player

Trompong and Barengan

Gong Gede

Ceng Ceng Group

Form.. scent... 



Musical Bliss!

A musician listening to the result of the recording

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kokolo said...

Thank you Bo!

Stephen said...

Thanks for this one too, bolingo. Great stuff!

bolingo69 said...

Hi Kokolo,

Nice to see you around here! Most welcome Stephen! Yup, it is really great!

øשlqæda said...

yuppers, so fuggin sweet [& really great too]!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant stuff! Vol 1 & 2's zips opened no problem; however, 3 & 4 can't be opened with my, up until now, infallible AlphaZip bit of kit.

I'm a massive fan of Balinese gamelan, especially kebyar/kebjar. I own over thirty gamelan CDs. I'm rather devastated not to have all four in this series. Bugger!

On a more positive note, your blog is ace! Nice philosophical bent you have.

I've tried everything I know to extract III & IV. I'd best give up now and, erm, do stuff I should have been doing whilst goosing around with the mouse.

bolingo69 said...

@Varkenpens: me and a friend off mine bot downloaded the files of both III and IV just tried downloading these files and they both unpack without any problem! You say that you tried everything you know but I still suggest that you try some other software for unpacking or try to rename the files.
Since there is nothing wrong with the files I do not know any other way to help you. Hope it works out for you and thank you for your kind comment!

Anonymous said...

I downloaded and used WinZip to open this .zip: no dice!

AlphaZip can't, either.

Just downloading this: (132.11 MB...

Ha! The aforementioned Nigerian gem took 8 minutes to download (Bali III took over an hour), and it opened up fine.

Spent three-hours downloading and X-amount of time faffing around trying to open Bali: 3&4: I can't do it.

Had I , however, experienced problems with the Nigerian album, well, I'd have doubted my trusty (years and years and year of trouble-free .zip dot.any-'kin-thing files) Alpha Zip. The first two Bali albums had tons of 'invalid images'; as many as there were valid images. I had to delete 'em. That's never happened before, either...

En een grote hartelijk dank, Koning van Luobaniya.

Anonymous said...

Addendum: I renamed the files, as advised, too.