Monday, April 18, 2011

Ritual Music from Bali I - The Annual Cycle in Tatulingga

Ritual Music from Bali I 
- The Annual Cycle in Tatulingga - The Usaba Sumbu
An Anthology of South-East Asian Music
Recorded 1972 by Dieter Mack, Danker H. Schaareman and Tilman Sebass. 
Bärenreiter • Musicaphon - BM 30 SL 2570 - P.1985?

Gambang Orchestra

Side A

No. 1 Géguron Gumi Rusak, gambang orchestra
No. 2 Géguron Gumi Rusak, gambang orchestra
No. 3 Mamuja, singing
No. 4 Orag Kamal, gambang orchestra
No. 5 Pélégayung, gambang orchestra
No. 6 Sidakarya, gambang orchestra

Side B

No. 7 Géguron Pamandana, sĕlunding orchestra
No. 8 Géguron Pamandana, sĕlunding orchestra
No. 9 Cilimuani, sĕlunding orchestra
No.10 Kalé Cilimuani, sĕlunding orchestra
No.11 Sanglana, singing
No.12 Masaudan, singing with gambang orchestra
No.13 Panjimarga, sĕlunding orchestra

Gambang Orchestra

A pair of Gangsa

A pair of Gangsa with Gambang

Gambang Orchestra

Offering Construction

Village elders purifying themselves

The Gambang orchestra being cleaned by holy water

The Gods are dancing

Round dance pelagayung

Central ritual of the cycle

Purifying the people with holy water

Abuang dance

Boys performing a libation with palm wine

So here we finally have some more of the South East Asian Anthology from the Musikwissenshaftliche Institut der Universität Basel. The whole series comprises of sixteen LP records and one CD. This is the first of four LP's with ritual music from Bali. There is also one more LP with contemporary Gamelan music from Bali, that I will also post, and again I can happily report that we have received very good help from a long time follower of this blog and true friend in music to fill in the lacunae. Only a few days ago, at one of the Luobaniyan consulates, we received a beautifully made DVD-R with all necessary material to post three of these records. The rips were of highest quality and all was a delight to edit and prepare! Fortunately this seems to be an increasing trend and we have recently got more promises of material from several other followers of this blog that want to help to contribute. Several of the records they mentioned would fit like hand in glove here in Luobaniya, and I am confident that we shall all be merry once these audiograms will appear here! As a special bonus, several of the recordings on these records have the added bonus of chirping crickets here and there where the music slows down! I hope you enjoy this one as much as I do!

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Janas said...

Many thanks Bolingo!

bolingo69 said...

As always you are most welcome Janas!

arvind said...

A truly wonderful series, this will take a few months to do full justice to! I'm especially excited about the detailed notes that come with each record.

Thanks to you bo, and to all the other generous Luobaniyans who've been helping out! Your efforts are deeply appreciated!

bolingo69 said...

Yes, I really like the abundance of commentaries, pictures and other notes in this series. Even a dry academic and at first instance seemingly insignificant note after a while may reveal some important underlying truths... Another thing I like very much is that the music gets very close to the listener when recorded in situ and often carry elements of surprise when children sometimes pop up and let out investigative curious whispers, or a dog barking at a distance. Makes for better drama and the illusion of presence..
Very happy you like these records Arvind and Janas! and all you other more secretive Luobaniyans ;-)

Unknown said...

I am a native of the village tatulingga. traditional a contained in this blog until now still I have experienced in my village.still a lot of tradition than tradition usaba sumbu including usaba kaulu, kedasa, sangyang, kuningan keenem. i love desa tatulingga (desa pekraman asak)

Keben said...

is it just me, or are some of the audio files corrupted?
I hear the songs keep "skipping"

I re-downloaded it, but have the same problem...