Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Madurai Brothers - Nadhaswaram

M.P.N. Sethuraman & M.P.N. Ponnuswamy (Madurai Bros.,)
- Nadhaswaram
AVM Music Service - AVM 1000351 - N.D.

Side A

A1 Mangayarkarasi - Bhoopalam - Adhi
A2 Manasuloni - Hindolam - Adhi
A3 Oh Rama Nee Nama - Poorvikalyani - Adhi

Side B

B1 Thani Avarthanam - Thavul - Adhi
B2 Ennakavi Padanalum - Neelamani - Adhi
B3 Ye vaky Seetha Jawali - Kapi - Eka thalami

Special Thavul:
Haridhwaramangalam Pazhanivel
Thiruvalaputhoor Kaliyamoorthy

Apart from "What fantastic music, and what a breathtaking Thani Avarthanam on the B-side", I can only add, "What a cover!"


Miguel said...

Ohhh what joy :)




thanks all the way...

Anonymous said...

Well, I can add one more...what a blog! :)

Thank you, I'm thoroughly enjoying this series of nadhaswaram music, and the Madurai Brothers have been a great find!


bamsalakadi said...

A potential favourite, but I have to listen again to the other Madurai Bros. records before I can be sure!

My deep thanks for what you're doing here!

arvind said...

Another brilliant record by the illustrious brothers. That might be one of the best thani avarthanams I've had the fortune to listen to, on record or live. Quite possibly the kind of playing that prompted the writer of the liner notes to call him "an up-and-coming" artist with promise :)

A thousand humble thank yous, bo!

Anonymous said...

These guys are so good...great shares all around, Mr.Bolingo69!

bolingo69 said...

What joy to see so many happy faces in Luobaniya ;-)

More leter this week


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opus 131 said...

Wonderful music! What a discovery!
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