Saturday, April 9, 2011

Rwanda III - Musique de Danse rec. Jos Gansemans

Rwanda III - Musique de Danse - Dansmuziek
Recordings by Jos Gansemans 1973-1975
Alpha - 5025 - P.1977

Side A

A1a Imbyino - femmes - hora wararaye 3'20
A1b Imbyino - femmes - Kimbagira Nyamaraba 4'28
A2a Imbyino - filles - Amataba 3'12
A2b Imbyino - filles - Mabano 3'54

A3a Chant et danse nuptial 4'00
A4 Urwagitari 3'15

Side B

B1 Ikiniba 3'03
B2 Ikinyemera 3'32
B3 Intore 6'36
B4a Twa - danse Urubyiruko 2'32
B4b Twa - danse Igibuge 4'16
B4c Twa - danse Umuhamilizo 3'00

This is the third and last of the Rwanda series from Tervuren. For a review of all three volumes see previous post. Hope you enjoy. There will be some more LP's coming but may take a little while because they have much more voluminous annotations, each volume comes with a 40-80 pages book. They were all written in Flemish but have translations of the full text into English, French and German so the actual information is divided by four. The congolese volumes are especially worth waiting for in my opinion. Hope you also like these volumes as posting them here means rather a lot of editing work!

Ikinyemera dance.

Ikinimba dance.

Girls singing the Imbyiro.

Dancing Twa women.

Dance of imbyino women.

Poses of intore dancers.

Twa singer.

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Stephen said...

Thanks for these recordings from Rwanda, they've really opened up a world of music I knew nothing about. Its painful that so much important music and tradition is just being pushed out of existence because of human folly and negligence. If the world spent more time, effort and money on realizing the worth of these and on preserving them, instead of fighting wars, some of them might even have survived.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much, bolingo! Amazing recordings!


bolingo69 said...

Yes Stephen, but even more so by greed and hunger for power, fuelled by ignorance. How many sins, wrongs and atrocities are not committed in the name of Nationalism and under the pretext of preserving cultural identity.

The irony of it all is that I often get the creeps when I see people around me traditionally dressed as the original reason for wearing them has become so obsolete and the need to analyse anything from multiple multiple layers are always evident. It seems to be so many underlying motives to propagate the local culture that one has to fight for the right reasons to create music of "folk identity".
Here were I live the nationalist party started using old insignia of "folk". Including folk music, in China the communists used local mountain songs of the first liberated areas to propagate the ideology in the forties, and today the party by the same name but with diametrically different ideological content are commissioning new "folk songs" praising the splendors of the Han race! If we look at any time we shall probably see that same strong sentiment to strenghten the own group whatever it was, was also carrying an element of possible exclusion of "the other". That the bonding of the community always lent itself to abuse by the above first mentioned vices of greed and powerhunger.

I think we can only fight this by joining the Luobaniyan community that defends no territory and is all inclusive of whatever cultural expressions Luobaniyans would like to emit as long as there is no encroachment on the rights of any other fellow being.