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Nigeria III - Igbo Music - Recorded by David W. Ames

Nigeria III - Igbo Music
Recorded by David W. Ames
Bärenreiter • Musicaphon - BM 30 L 2311 - P.1965

Side A

No. 1 Ikorodo Music 3'18
No. 2 Ikorodo Music 2'42
No. 3 Ikorodo Music 5'21
No. 4 Ikorodo Music 3'46
No. 5 Boasting Song 0'36
No. 6 Ekwe Masquerade Music 4'50
No. 7 Okobonyi Funerla Music 3'27

A-side total time 24'00

Side B

No. 8 Egara Music 2'20
No. 9 Raft Zither Music 6'14
No. 10 Wrestling Music 2'33
No. 11 Igede Eze Music 2'19
No. 12 Grinding Song 2'26
No. 13 Ogwume Music 5'00
No. 14 Moonlight Play Song 2'32

B-side total time 23'24

I am very happy to post this record as I know there are a few of you that has waited for it to arrive here. Well the wait is over and both the music and the documentation is great. I hope you will enjoy it! 

Now shall we move on to Sudan maybe? There are still many yet to be posted from this series! I am happy that finally all the editing comes to fruition. The Bärenreiters and the Ocoras are my biggest undertaking yet it seems, and soon enough I will also start posting more also from the first series of the Bärenreiters. I have been walking around the Tibet, India and Japan series like a cat around hot porridge. But do not despair! Soon it seems the temperature shall be right!  Those of you that have patiently waited especially for the India LPs. Well, I assure you, they will come! Both the grey ones and the green ones. They are ripped and ready but still needs a little cosmetic editing!

An ozo title holder

Keeper of the Ekwe shrine dancing

Arrival of the senior Ekwe masquerade

An Ikorodo masquerader

Arrival of the junior Ekwe masquerade

The Ikorodo association orchestra of Agulize village 1963

The Ikorodo association orchestra of Agulize village 1975

Four side-blown calabash horns used in Ikorodo orchestras

An Ikorodo masquerade dancer

Instruments used in the Ikorodo orchestra

Long open cylindrical drum used in Ikorodo orchestras

Dancing to Ikorodo music

Dancing to Ikorodo music

Age set chanting a boasting song

Arrival of the senior Ekwe masquerade with its drummer

Side-blown elephant tusk horn blown by Ezema Nwodo Eze

The Ekwe association band heralding the arrival of its masquerade

The junior Ekwe masquerade
with a member blowing elephant tusk horn

An end-blown notch flute

Blowing an end-blown notch flute for Okobonyi music

An Okobonyi ensemble performing at a second burial ceremony

Firing Dane guns while Okobonyi music is being performed

A raft zither

Johnson Ezenwoka playing a raft zither

An ensemble performing raft zither music at a second burial ceremony

Raft zither player with an Egara singer

Ensemble performing wrestling music.

Igede eze music performed by the people of Omo Ekwa village.

An Ogwume

Playing the Ogwume

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rock!!! thank you for helping take things to the next level

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Grateful as ever for all these records! Thank you very much, bolingo!


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what a nice completion of the other two nigerian's Bärenreiter; the Ikorodo orchestra with the horns are marvelous!


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Dear mr Bolingo69
I just recently discovered your blog and what an amazing find it is! You are one of the few to post traditional music from Africa and that is something to celebrate.