Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bärenreiter Musicaphon - Discography # 3 - An Anthology of African Music

An Anthology of African Music
Bärenreiter • Musicaphon

BM 30 L 2301 The Music Of The Dan
BM 30 L 2302 Music From Rwanda
BM 30 L 2303 The Music Of The Ba-Benzele Pygmies P.1965
BM 30 L 2304 Music Of The Ethiopian Coptic Church I
BM 30 L 2305 Music Of The Cushitic peoples of South-West Ethiopia
BM 30 L 2306 Nigeria I: Hausa Music
BM 30 L 2307 Nigeria II: Hausa Music II
BM 30 L 2308 Cote d'Ivoire:
- The Music Of The Senufo
BM 30 L 2309 Chad: Music Of Kanem
BM 30 L 2310 Central African Republic:
- Ngbaka, Mpyemo, Kaka Nzakara
BM 30 L 2311 Nigeria III: Igbo Music
BM 30 SL 2312 Sudan: Music of the Blue Nile Province
- The Gumuz Tribe
BM 30 SL 2313 Sudan: Music of the Blue Nile Province
- The Ingessana and Berta Tribes
BM 30 SL 2314 Ethiopia: Three Chordophone Traditions

We are making some progress on the Bärenreiters and I am happy to announce the gradual approach of another of the great anthologies that Bärenreiter published namely this one listed above. Again you are most welcome to help out with publishing dates and we already got some good help on the South East Asian Anthology. Of the ones listed above I have now have all of them except one, in various stages of completion as far as editing goes. The one I still miss is the "BM 30 L 2310 Central African Republic" and maybe someone out of the steadily increasing number of potential Luobaniyans can supply us with a copy or a rip. I will start posting them in my own particular order that is neither chronological nor by preference but by what I call "sudden enlightenment". You'll see, maybe!

Wanted! Recherché! Werde gesucht! 

"BM 30 L 2310 Central African Republic" 


Anonymous said...

Hi Bo

Thanks - I can't wait to hear them - for some of them, like the Nigeria III, the Igbo - I' ve been looking for a good while.


bolingo69 said...

Well it may please you then that the Igbo is edited already and waiting it's place in line... ;-)

Soon, soon...

Sun Ira said...

I have the CAR in my archives. Let me get it ripped and I'll touch base with you about an upload/handoff.

bolingo69 said...

Wonderful Sun Ira!!

That is so good news. Just take your time and drop me a line at "bolingo69 "at" gmail "dot" com" when you have the time to ponder upon the logistics some more!

Hmm, this is what makes it so satisfying after editing zillions of files for fellow Luobaniyans.

The "gathering" the “coming togehter”, there is even a hexagram for that in the old chinese classic of divination, the Yi JIng...

䷬ Cui 萃 No. 45

The king approaches his temple.
It furthers one to see the great man.
This brings success. Perseverance furthers.
To bring great offerings creates good fortune.
It furthers one to undertake something.

So it seems we have sanctions from at least some of the powers...

arvind said...

A dream come true for me! I remember going through this catalogue with fascination some years back, and quietly hoping that I'd be able to listen to these someday. Never imagined the time would come so soon!

A big hug and my humble thanks to you, bo, and to everyone else in what is becoming a large, extended family. May your (or rather our) tribe multiply!

Anonymous said...


This Collection is going to be available in cd format?

Thank you

bolingo69 said...

I do not think so! There was an attmept many years ago to bring the series out by Rounder Records Unesc collection but it was discontinued! I do not know of any other plans but my guess is that there is no commercial viable scheme to do that but maybe someone makes a commercial digital edition for online downloads.I have no idea … but in the meanwhike what is wrong with this attempt except that is is very slow? I have all the LP's digitized but have lacked time to track edit and post them the last two years … I have not given up so they may all appear here in some more time …

hawmke said...

hi---I read question & answer (from2011) about B/M 30 L 2311--NIGERIA 3 IGBO MUSIC & whether it was available for distribution or not.Answer was that it was basicly in production. I'm very interested in this recording & would like to know if now, in 2020, it's available in any format---(thanks for all your work on this whole project, it's invaluable)
if you want to respond by email, my addy is .

hawmke said...

thanks bolingo69!---after i left my mssge, i perused your site some more & actually found what u are talking about! who posted it i don't know, you or someone else--but many of these old LPs, including what i was looking for, are listed & can be downloaded--that's wonderful---without this option many great, historic B/M Unesco recordings would be lost to the public. thanks again for all your work.