Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Nigeria - Hausa Music I - Recorded by David Wason Ames

Nigeria - Hausa Music I
An Anthology of African Music 6
Recorded by David Wason Ames 
Bärenreiter • Musicaphon - BM 30 L 2306 - P.1965


Map detail

Side A

No. 1 Butchers' rhythm, Kalangu. Zaria
No. 2 Singing and drumming in praise of blacksmiths. Zaria
No. 3 Praise song for a hunter. Zaria
No. 4 Singing and drumming for farmers. Zaria
No. 5 Praise song for farmers. Mak'arfi District.
No. 6 Royal drums of the Emir of Zaria

Side B

No. 7 Fanfare for the Sultan of Sokoto. Zaria
No. 8 Trumpet fanfare for the Emir of Zaria.
No. 9 Horn and drum ensemble of D'an Galadima
 — (District Head of Giwa)
No. 10 Song in praise of Nigeria. Katsina
No. 11 Song celebrating the investiture of the Emire of Kano

A haussa compound

Masu kalangu

Masu dunfuna

Mai komo

Masa gargan noma

Chief of farmer drummers

The royal drums of zaria

Musicians of a district head

Kakaki player for the Emir of Zaria

Sarkin Kasina and his group

Kotso drummers

Lets start with one of the contributions from a friend in music who recently did a great service to the Luobaniyan community. He has many tastes that overlap with the tastes of undersigned ministre...

And we were very happy to receive, these wonderful to work with files. Clear photos and good digital likenesses of the audio.

This also appears to be a growing trend, that several of the followers and friends of Luobaniya have started to suggest sharing from their own vaults and collections, and it is becoming one of the greater  pleasures of sharing the music with you! A true bonus for all of us!

I am thrilled at the possibility of finally hearing some of the music that I have searched for in vain over the years, and many of the "white whales" are beginning to come in sight! What bliss!

Anyhow lets jump the lines a bit and start with this Bärenreiter. The Nigeria I, so we can get a little earlier to the Nigeria III - and enjoy the Igbo that someone is eagerly waiting for!

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Marcos said...

I have no desire to be a Loobanian, sorry. I just like the music

bolingo69 said...

Entirely up to you! Luobaniyan citizenship can only be granted by yourself as there is no administration to deal with that!

Just go ahead and enjoy the music ;-)

If you read the constitution you might get the idea!

arvind said...

A thousand thanks to you, bo and to the kind anonymous gent who supplied this record! Very nice of you to make such good pictures of the sleeves and the notes...its deeply appreciated! This one has been on my wishlist since I found out about its existence some years back.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for kicking off another gem of a series, bolingo! If Luobaniya were a place in the real world, I'd just put up a tent in it and never think of moving anywhere else!


bolingo69 said...

Thank you Ross!

I'd be the happy camper right next to you ;-)

We could visit each other and have tea and stuff and... like listen to music and ... we could build a camp fire... and... and...
talk about places we have been to and ... brag about stuff we'd like to do.... and..

Ya, how Luobaniya seems to be without boundaries and probably is... and

getting all excited at the prospects...


Janas said...

Thank you very much Bolingo!