Thursday, April 7, 2011

Rwanda I - Musique Instrumentale - P.1977

Rwanda I - Musique Instrumentale - Instrumentale Muziek
Recordings and documentation by Jos Gansemans
Alpha - 5023 - P.1977

Side A

A1a Cordophones - Inanga - Ibilunga 5'26
A1b Cordophones - Inanga - Impunga 4'49
A1c Cordophones - Iningiti - Urwagwa 3'36
A1d Cordophones - Umuduli -Segitonganya 2'25
A2 Idiophones - Ikembe - Ye baba 5'00

Side B

B1a Aërophones - umwirongi 3'00
B1b Aërophones - insengo 3'15
B1c Aërophones - amakondera 2'32
B1d Aërophones - ihembe 1'58
B2a Membranophones - ingoma (Rubungo) rythme iguhubu 3'04
B2b Membranophones - ingoma (Rubavu) rythmes imilindi, ikilushya, agasiga 6'52
B2c Membranophones - ingoma (Mibilizi) rythme ikimanuka 3'06

There is so little music available from Ruanda that I feel it is my duty to share these with you! I think this series is, if not a very well kept secret, so at least a very precious and rather hidden gem. The recordings that are very well documented (in both French and Flemish) were made in the seventies and are of very good quality both for musical and audio quality. I am going to post the other two volumes the following days and they make very good listening. Personally I think they make more sense if you listen to them in random order but with the accompanying notes nearby in case you get curious and wonder what is going on. I am very happy to share this with you and if you have any more information about the Tervuren catalogue other than in my previous discographic note I hope you will share it with me. Oh, and don't worry, I won't forget about the South East Asia series, there are many more coming soon...

J. Sebatunzi playing the Inanga Zither.

Ikembe Lamellophon

Audience In Rwandan Hills

Amakondera Horn Orchestra

Umuduli Musicbow

Straight Shepherd Flute
Ingoma Drummers

Iningidi Fiddler

Insengo Ensemble From Nkumba

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arvind said...

This is a superlative record! You were right in guessing that I'd love this, bo :)

There's a good sense of being there and some warm, intimate atmosphere in the recordings, but really, the music is just unbelievable...hypnotic, even otherworldly at times, but so beautiful! Its been some time since I've felt so connected to a record!

My deepest thanks, bo!

Janas said...

Thank you so much Bolingo!

dial africa said...

I'd like to thank you too! I'm not shure but around 1980, between my first and second time in Rwanda, I've seen this record in a shop. As I did not have enough money I never bought it (but The Specials instead).
So now I'm very happy!

bolingo69 said...

When you are happy you know it makes me happy ;-)
Good that I was right Arvind! And dial africa don't miss the following two LP's coming here from the same series. I think they are all good Personally I think the first two are best but the quality is quite good over all. There is a review of all three in the next post with volume II. Glad you all like it!

Anonymous said...

The inanga songs are right up my street. I'd have the first song and a couple others on my desert island compilation for sure, such brilliant stuff! Thanks as ever, Mr. Bolingo!


Love Letters Journal said...

11 posts in 10 days. Keep it up!