Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bhimsen Joshi - Chhaya, Chhaya Malhar, Darbari, Suha Kanada

Bhimsen Joshi - Chhaya, Chhaya Malhar, Darbari, Suha Kanada
EMI India • EALP 1328 • P.1968

Side 1

A1 Tan man dhan sab unhi par var
- Raga Chhaya - Vilambit - jhaptaal 13'16
A2 Sakhi sham nahi aaye
- Raga Chhaya Malhar - Drut - teental 5'31

Side 2

B1 Aur nahi kachhu kamke
- Raga Darbari - Vilambit - ektaal 16'15
B2 Tu hai mohmadsha
- Raga Suha-Kanada - Drut - ektaal 4'39

(each side has two continuos tracks that are not divided)


Thakurdas, Harmonium
C. Kamat, Tabla

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Omar said...

Dear Sir,

like i said in my earlier comment; there is no way to thank you enough, to express my gratitude for uploading these gems, these wonderful pieces of adorable music! If there is a way that I can help you by for running your site, so please let me know.
But most of the links of Amir Khan and Bhimsen Joshi do not work. Would you mind to check them? Maybe I did something wrong and can't download them, but it seems the links are broken. I would be more than happy, more than thankful if you could upload them (especially the Bhimsen Joshi and the Amir Khan stuff) again. Thanks a ton in advance!