Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hugh Tracey - Musical Instruments - 3 - Drums

Hugh Tracy - The Music of Africa Series
Musical Instruments - 3 - Drums
Kaleidophone - KMA 3 - P.1972

Side A

A01 Enkoito - Haya - 1'35
A02 Mambala - Luba - 2'07
A03 Fwanda-fwanda - Lala - 1'36
A04 Manyanga - Nyamwezi - 1'20
A05 Ngororombe - Sena-Tonga - 3'49
A06 Royal Drums of the Omwami of Rwanda
A07 Royal Drums of the Omwami of Rwanda - Tutsi - 4'33

Side B

B01 Drum message, calling people to come - Kanyoka - 1'07
B02 Three drum signals - Mangbele - 1'53
B03 Kwebemera Omukana (Drums for a royal occasion) - Nyoro - 1'12
B04 Mitamba yalagala kumchuzi - Zaramo - 0'40
B05 Kyuma - Ganda - 1'35
B06 Likhuba - Manganja - 1'10
B07 Congo Bereji - Yogo - 2'14
B08 Nadu - Medje - 2'00
B09 Yando - Buudu - 1'49
B10 Manyanga - Nyamwezi - 2'20


Anonymous said...

love the reptile skins they used on their drum heads... it would be such a fun instrument to play...

Anonymous said...

How are we ever going to make it up to you for sharing so much an so freely?

Thank you, bolingo, for creating one of our favorite hangouts on the internet!

Alexis and friends

bolingo69 said...

Yup the drums look fabulous. Like some of the chinese bowed instruments also does on the covering skin on the bambo resonator.
About making up, I do have an idea... If you find some rare LP please treat it well, i.e. rip it take photos of all accompanying documentation including labels and post it someplace on the internet or mail it to me so I can post it. But it must meet these standards. But to speak the truth, even though it is a good deed to save old vinyl, you already paid by listening. Actually you don't owe me anything! I am just a mendicant audio glutton that thinks shared happiness is double happiness. Just knowing that you are listening makes me assured that it should keep you from other mischief, at least as long as the music plays ,-)

Happy to have you hanging out here...

And as the winter was already both long and cold and is not over yet, there will be much much more as you will soon hear!