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Music of Oceania; Papua Niugini: The Middle Sepik

Music of Oceania: Papua Niugini: The Middle Sepik

Bärenreiter • Musicaphon - BM 30 SL 2700 - P. 1980?

Recordings 1962-1973, commentary, photographs, and map by Robert MacLennan
Fred Gerrits, Gordon Spearritt, Meinhard and Gisela Schuster, Jörg Hauser

Side A

A01 Palparo - Two transverse flutes (Chambri Lake) 1'25
A02 Weikamp - Two transverse flutes (Chambri Lake) 3'20
A03 Mouth-bow (Manumbu) 1'10
A04 Porporokago - transverse flutes & hourglass drum (Chambri Lake) 2'25
A05 Koruimbang - Man calling through pipe (Iatmul) 2'25
A06 Kabiragwa - Single transverse flutes & coconut shells 1'30
A07 Panpipes (Sawos) 1'30
A08 Panpipes (Sawos) 1'35
A09 Suai & Kwanji - Two slit-drums (Iatmul) 5'15
A10 Numburagwa - Two transverse flutes (Iatmul) 2'20

Side B

B01 Lulukvia - Seven transverse flutes & hourglass drum (Iatmul) 0'46
B02 Kwainkwainkwain - Seven transverse flutes & hourglass drum (Iatmul) 1'55
B03 Jew's harp (Sawos) 2'00
B04 Malimalila - Men singing through mai-pipes (Iatmul) 0'45
B05 Krugambo - Two transverse flutes (Iatmul) 3'50
B06 Musical bow - (Sawos) 1'30
B07 Samsam - Two transverse flutes (Iatmul) 1'25
B08 Kwaru - Two transverse flutes (Sawos) 0'55
B09 Two wooden trumpets (Iatmul) 0'25
B10 Kutagwawari - Single transverse flute (Sawos) 0'35
B11 Bruwagen & Mbangu - Two slit-drums (Iatmul) 2'30
B12 Branganja - Two transverse flutes (Iatmul) 4'00

Tracks A1,A2,A4,B4,B7,B9 Recorded 1962
Tracks A5,A6,B5,B12 Recorded 1964
Tracks A3,A9,B1,B2,B11 Recorded 1972
Tracks A7,A8,A10, B3,B8,B10 recorded 1963
Track B6 Recorded 1973

Time for some more Bärenreiters. The following posts will be field recordings from Papua Niugini. Most of these recordings were made in the sixties and seventies but not published until the eighties. I will present some more information about the recordings, but there is plenty to read in the documentation that accompanies each LP. There are 10-20 pages for each volume with tightly printed explanatory notes in both german and english. These are to me extremely precious records as I had had no other previous chance to go to Papua Niugini before heard them. Some of these tunes and songs and the environment of wind, crickets, cikadas, harvesting sago, childrens voices, dogs, and other sounds of the ambiance makes listening a very close and intimate experience. I hope you will enjoy them as much as me and there are at leats four more to come!


arvind said...

Fantastic! :)

We can do with all the New Guinean music we can find...there isn't much going around. Absolutely thrilled to have the privilege of listening to this series. Thanks so much, bo!

bolingo69 said...

Happy you liked it Arvind and I am sure you will like the third one with the Huli... Coming soon...

There was something wrong with the label A jpg so there is a new file with the right label

(Thanks T for letting me know!)


tusitala said...

thanks a lot bolingo! Your blog is an incredible mine of treausres!

bolingo69 said...

Happy to see you here tusitala, hope you find something you have not already heard!


VicDiesel said...

What a thoroughly fascinating album! I never knew that there were "primitive" cultures where the music was so much based on transverse flutes. Amazing sound.