Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hugh Tracey - Musical Instruments - 4 - Flutes and Horns

Hugh Tracey - The Music of Africa Series
Musical Instruments - 4 - Flutes and Horns
Kaleidophone - KMA 4 - P.1972

Side A

A01 Sigowilo duet - Chopi - 0'43
A02 Godumaduma gwa Mosadi - Tswana-Lete - 2'25
A03 Chansi cha nzige - Zaramo - 2'45
A04 Ai-ye! Nzara yakabora (Ai-ye! Famine has come) Sena-Tonga 3'05
A05 Bwomera envu (When your hair turns grey, you are getting old) - Soga - 1'25
A06 Kikwabanga - Ganda - 2'31
A07 Herdsman's tune - Nande - 1'24
A08 Flute tune - Nyakyusa - 1'20
A09 Mishiba - Luba-Songe - 2'35

Side B

B01 Custodo a mabile - Gitonga - 2'35
B02 M'Sodomo - Nyanja-Chewa - 2'39
B03 Mavumbala - Yogo - 3'05
B04 Nkete - Nyoro-Haya - 2'34
B05 Rwakanembe - Nyoro - 1'14
B06 Kyarutema - Rwanda - 2'54
B07 Mulimo omutanda (The owner of the house) Soga 1'17
B08 Chombela - Luba-Bakwanga - 2'45


Janas said...

Wonderful series, awesome album. Thank you very much.

bolingo69 said...

You are most welcome Janas! There is many more waiting to be posted...

Anonymous said...

Some very interesting samples here. Thanks for sharing this series!


Love Letters Journal said...

Thank you. Any Hugh Tracey is always welcome. One Day I'm going to drive up to archives at Grahamstown and buy up all the recordings they have!

Anonymous said...

Felicitations pour ce travail magnifique.
Serait il possible de reactiver le link de ce post?

bolingo69 said...

I'll fix ll broken links during the spring as soon as i get back to any decent upload speeds. Currently relying on an indian vodanetnetdongle charge by traffic and sloooow... More later...

Anonymous said...

thanx, your blog is great inspiration, great job,
i will wait, respect from a musician from greece...