Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cambodge - Musiques Samrê des cardamomes

Cambodge - Musiques Samrê des cardamomes
(Recordings by Jaques Brunet, for the Royal University of Fine Arts in Phnom Penh)
Boîte à Musique - BAM LD 112 - P.1971

Face A

I - Les Pors de Sre-tang-yor

A1 Solo d'orgue à bouche (khim) 3'20
A2 Ta ngay banboy - Musique pour la culture des cardamómes 5'44
A3 Saung Pong Song Throch - Danse des paons et des bœufs sauvages 5'24

II - Les Pors de Kranhung

A4 Bât An Choan Hal - Chant alterné 3'24

Face B

II - Les Pors de Kranhung (suite)

B1 Moköy - Chant funèbre 3'55
B2 Sneg Ansong - Danse des cornes de bœufs banteng 4'13

III Les Pors de la Riziere

B3 Pör Loeu - Danse des cornes de bœufs sauvages 9'03
B4 Bât Bampé - Bercuese 4'00


Poseidon said...

Wow what an update. This will take some time! Love this record. Thank you!

bamsalakadi said...

An excellent addition to the great records you've collected here.

It just struck me...were it not for your dedicated efforts, most of us would have gone through life never having listened to, or even heard of most of this music. What a loss that would have been! You deserve a medal, but all I can give you are my simple thanks!

Anonymous said...

The quality of the contents of this blog is unsurpassed, perhaps equaled by a few. Sharing this music and spreading the beauty of the world is an immense public service, perhaps awakening and mobilizing others to protect and extend what remains.
John A.

Miguel said...

Thank you yet again!

The next beer's on me :)

Angkor Beer?


bolingo69 said...

Thank you all for the kind encouragement! I have to get busy to post some more ;-)

Janas said...

Beautiful album, thank you very much!

WrldServ said...

Such an improvement from the rather hissy cassette copy I had of this wonderful album! Thank you!

øשlqæda said...

brother bo, i am plopping down in pnom pen for a month long visit in march. i hope to hear, harvest & record sounds as vibrant as these. belated thanks for this pearlesque publication

Godard said...

Many thanks Bo, enjoyed this greatly.
The world needs archivists like you

bolingo69 said...

Thanks for your comments and nice to see you around Luobaniyan waters Godard!
Yes, I was surprised how close one gets in some of these recordings.

Can't live without Cardamom!

Free your prisoners and open up the archives! I'm just getting a bit warmer over here...