Friday, January 7, 2011

Premiere anthologie de la musique Malienne - 4 - L'Ensemble Instrumental du Mali

Premiere anthologie de la musique Malienne
- L'Ensemble Instrumental du Mali - 4
(Médaille d'or au festival culturel panafricain d'Alger)
Musicaphon Bärenreiter - BM 30 L 2504 - P.1971

Face A

A1 Keme Birama - 6'40
A2 Nana Kadidia - 3'45
A3 Soli - 4'45
A4 Be Togo Gniko - 5'35
A5 Koulou Kalan - 6'20

Face B

B1 Be Taga Nfa Bara - 5'15
B2 Bani - 5'45
B3 Ni Be Nya - 4'30
B4 Mali Sajo - 6'02

Nantenedie Kamikossoko (malinké, A1,A3,B2)
Saranfing Kouyaté (malinké, A2)
Wandé Kouyaté, (malinké, A4)
Fanta Kadialy, (malinké, A5)
Mogontafé Sacko, (malinké, B1)
Djelimadi Diabaté, (malinké, B3)
Orakya Kouyaté, (malinké, B4)
Mali Ensemble vocal (A1,3,5,B)

Ensemble koras

Nantenedie Kamissoko

L'Ensemble Instrumental du Mali

Tata Kouyaté

Brahima Kouyatè, Loutigui Diabaté

Solo Diabaté

Séran Kanouté

Wandé Kouyaté

Loutigui Diabaté

Mogontafé Sacko

Saranfing Kouyaté


arvind said...

Thank you for this excellent series, bo! Like you, even I'm hard pressed to choose a favourite from these; each one seems to have something special going for it.

bolingo69 said...

Yes, Arvind this is truly a great anthology. I am happy you found it to your liking! I promise to post much more music from all over Africa this year. I can never get enough...

Anonymous said...

that's the phantastic thing about west-african music:

it's variety of people and music is a endless source of inspiration.


Anonymous said...

This is lovely!

toldai said...

Refound with immense pleasure! Thank you so much!

bolingo69 said...

Happy that you are happy toldai ;-)