Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hugh Tracey - Musical Instruments - 5 - Xylophones

Hugh Tracey - The Music of Africa Series
Musical Instruments - 5 - Xylophones
Kaleidophone - KMA 5 - P.1972

Side A

A01 Ulumbundubundu - Valley Tonga - 1'00
A02 Musingasinga yakora egali - Nyoro - 1'16
A03 Nandikulamude - Ganda - 1'15
A04 Okachi - Dhola - 1'29
A05 Kondo natipala bako - Zande Bandiya - 2'00
A06 Mkazi wa mulomo (The talkative woman) - Nyanja-Mang'anja - 2'48
A07 Kalubambu tambo abibongo - Kanyoka - 2'24
A08 Mulaal karimukwa panga (Mulala stole money) - Lozi - 2'36
A09 Mutomboko and Luwendo - Luba - 2'40

Side B

B01 Lawanzani michanga sika timbila tamakono (Come together and make music for the new year) - Chopi - 3'46
B02 Demonstration of the left and right-hand melodies of the ground or subject upon which the previous item was based - Chopi - 0'51
B03 Msitso we Mbidi (Second orchestral introduction) Chopi - 3'00
B04 Chibudu - Chopi (an Intermezzo) 2'18
B05 Msitso wokhata (First orchestral introduction) Chopi - 1'07
B06 Hinganyengisa masingita (Listen to the mysteries) Chopi - 3'30
B07 Nzashaniseka (I am suffering) - Tswa - 1'03
B08 Kachancha - Lunda - 1'56


Timothy said...

Thanks Sir. You are very generous. Hugh Tracy is synonymous with excellence in the field of African spiritual music.

arvind said...

Great set of records these! There was a time some years back when I was looking for these.I gave up soon, not being able to find them anywhere; should have known that you'd have them!

This is a good introduction not only to African instrumental traditions, but also to the universe of recordings made by Hugh Tracey.

Thanks a lot, bo!

bolingo69 said...

I am very happy you like it! The rest of the series will come but I have prepared so many other things so I will post some other material in the following posts. But stay tuned cause eventually all the 10 volumes and then some will appear.

Definitely there are more rituals coming!

roberth said...

please oh please re up please oh please
love robert

roberth said...

continuing with the please oh please
this one is still dead please re up
all the hugh traceys.
glad you are back and there are new re-upped gems for the folks throughout these fringe

bolingo69 said...

@roberth - sorry about your long wait but now the link is updated again and so are the rest of the previously posted Traceys … Actually I have renewed links for close to half of all the 270 posts and the rest are on their way.

roberth said...

thank you this visitor to the kingdom
is supremely happy.
the culture and creativity of the citizens is amazing