Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hugh Tracey - Musical Instruments - 2 - Reeds (Mbira)

Hugh Tracey - The Music of Africa Series
Musical Instruments - 2 - Reeds (Mbira)
Kaleidophone - KMA 2 - P.1972

Side A

Pentatonic Instruments

A01 Kyonda ali mugenyi (The careful father) Nyoro - 1'24
A02 Maganga kalila zanwelo (Manganga wishes you luck) Gogo - 1'04
A03 Dylowe dyambule kabanda (The ant carries a load) Luba - 1'24
A04 Ndiri - Alur - 1'26
A05 Kiriyo (A woman is wonderful) - Soga 2'07

Hexatonic Instruments

A06 Detyetye kusheka (To laugh) Ndau - 3'34
A07 Hondoro (Hondoro, soul) Ndau - 1'18
A08 Meki, ye Meki woye (Meki has lost something) Ndau - 2'44
A09 Mwadzi itira (He did it himself) Ndau - 1'33
A10 Kemai - Luba - 1'25

Side B

B01 Bata wasungu mulundu - Lala - 1'50
B02 Harusi (Wedding tune) Nyamwezi -1'21
B03 Bidera - Venda - 1'18
B04 Magonde (Song for the Chief) Njanja - 1'37
B05 Gororombe yawakuru (The Gororombe dance of the elders) Karanga - 1'29
B06 Sitima senda namoto (The train goes with fire) Mbunda - 2'24
B07 Tambuka nalikishi (The mask dance) Mbunda - 1'51
B08 Muzeze (Prisoner, dance the Muzeze) Binza - 1'56
B09 Nemangolia - Medje - 1'14
B10 Dzoli - Medje - 1'45

This LP has the same contents as the K7 recently posted by the good Stefan at the Worldservice blog here. I have not checked that carefully, like track times and such, but all the tracks seem to match and the order is the same so I assume they are identical edits as well. This particular series on Kaleidophone consisted of 10 LP's and I will post all of the others here and also some more individual volumes from earlier series on Decca and Gallotone but I only have random numbers from those catalogue.


arvind said...

Its nice to have two rips of the same material and even better that we have the sleeve scans from the LP! This adds a lot to the value of the music, in my opinion.

Thanks again, dear bo!

Anonymous said...

you've got some amazing stuff here... i thought you might enjoy a link to some of the same Hugh Tracey titles (the CD re-releases)..... maybe there will be one or two you don't have?

bolingo69 said...

Hm, thank you Anonymous but the link you supplied looks very much like the link in my own post... ;-)

I have bought all but 3 CD's from the Sharp Wood production. Of the release from ILAM Rhodes University, (pointed ot by "gd") I have only a few copies. What they offer on CD is not the full catalogue and there are gaps in the numbering either because they were sold out or maybe put vacant for furthe issues. I don't know.
You can check for yourself here.

I have also noticed lately that one or two volumes are available on Spotify, (Uganda and I forgot the other one...) maybe Deezer have them as well, I have not checked. The most interesting piece of news was that there is quite a lot of recordings available for download from Folkways-Smithsonian.

About the link you offered...
Please try again!

Anonymous said...


bolingo69 said...

That was amuch better link Anon!

I'll give it a listen for sure...

Anonymous said...


well, thank *you* b/c i'm going to enjoy comparing the sound of these LPs with the sound of the CDs...

the link had drums 1, drums 2, xylos, strings, flutes & horns

very evocative & interesting sounds