Sunday, January 16, 2011

Musique Kongo - rec. Charles Duvelle 1966 - Ocora

Musique Kongo
Ocora - OCR-35 - P.1972
Recordings made in Democratic Republic of Congo by Charles Duvelle in 1966

Side A

A1 Chansons enfantines Ba-Bembé 3'32
A2 Berceuse Ba-Lari 1'52
A3 Divertissement de femmes Ba-Lari 3'00
A4 Chant Ba-Lari avec accompagnement de Vièle 2'14
A5 Chant Ba-Lari avec accompagnement de Pluriarc 2'18
A6 Chant de marche Ba-Lari avec accompagnement de Sanza 2'44
A7 Récit chanté Ba-Bembé avec accompagnement de Luth 2'22

Side B

B1 Orchestre de massikoulou Ba-Congo 5'04
B2 Tambours Ba-Congo-Nséké 3'22
B3 Orchestre Ba-Lari avec tambour à friction 3'00
B4 Ensemble de trompes Ba-Bembé 2'20
B5 Chœur et trompes Ba-Bembé 3'55

It takes three boys to play this rattan zither

The brides complaints Ba-Lari Women

Moukouti, Nsakala, Tsidoukoulou, Moanangoma Percussion

Dancing woman and drummers in Louenga

Mandombe horns and kettledrums

Nzambi fiddle

Instrumental group with friction drum

Friction Drum

Mpolomono and Kinkou horns

Ngonfi Lute

Nzambi kizonzolo Bow lute


Locations of the recordings


lord haw haw said...

My jaw is on the floor, incredible archive, great work, thanks.

Anonymous said...

the good stuff

arvind said...

Thanks for another classic record, bo! Really enjoying these recent shares very much!

Anonymous said...

Great post, thanks...Only that, according to that recordings location map, would rather be Congo - Brazzaville (Republic of Congo), and not "Democratic Republic of Congo", aka Congo - Kinshasa, or the former "Zair" the way, bolingo, this nickname of yours means "love" in Ligala, which is a lingua-franca in the both Congos...

Easy Jams said...

More Ocora here: