Monday, January 24, 2011

Bhimsen Joshi - Ragas Miya Milhar, Puriya Kalyan

Bhimsen Joshi - Ragas Miya Milhar, Puriya Kalyan
EMI India - ECLP-2253 (recorded 1959)

Bhimsen Joshi - February 4, 1922 - January 24, 2011

Side 1

Raga Miya Milhar
- Kareem naam tero - ektaal

Side 2

Raga Puriya Kalyan
- Aaj Sobana - ektaal


øשlqæda said...

one of me favs. many thanks as usual

bolingo69 said...

You are very welcome owl!

arvind said...

What a gift this LP would have made, if someone had given it to him during his last days.

Many people used to forget while they saw Bhimsen performing in old age, that he was a real go-getter when young, and had a lifestyle that many were envious of. The story of how he ran away from home and later travelled across North India searching for a guru reads almost like a fairytale.

When I was in college in Bombay, we were lucky to have him perform at our annual music festival for several years. Once we were all talking post-concert, and he told us about how much he loved driving his car, and missed not being able to do so because of his bad health. Apparently, he was such a daredevil driver when younger, that most friends tried to somehow excuse themselves if he ever offered them a ride in his car :)

He lived a full life, in many ways. And now, he'll live on, inside each one of us. Love to you, wherever you are, panditji!

Miguel said...

thank you for telling your little story Arvind!

so the roads are save now :)

and we'll be listening a long time...

Bhuvanesh said...

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