Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ustad Amir Khan - Hansdhwani, Malkauns

Ustad Amir Khan - Hansdhwani, Malkauns
EMI-His Masters Voice - EASD-1357 - P.1970

Side A

A1 Hansdhwani - Jai maate vilumbh taj de

Side B

B1 Malkauns - Jin ke man ram biraje
B2 Malkauns - Aaj more ghar aaila baalma (B1,B2 are presented as one track)


Jnan Prakash Ghosh, harmonium
Afaque Hossain Khan, tabla


Janas said...

Thanks so much for these wonderful discs of hindustani classical music.

bolingo69 said...

You are most welcome! More to come...

arvind said...

It feels so good to return to Luobaniya after a short holiday, and find so many more outstanding records. Thanks for doing what you do, dear bo!

Just a few days back, I was discussing khayal singing with a young friend in Mumbai who has been learning for a long time. She sung me a beautiful ati vilambit Malkauns, which is still resounding inside me. A little later, on the trip back home, I realized that her rendition reminded me of Amir Khan's slow and graceful style, and I also realized that I don't remember hearing him singing Malkauns. This is sure to be a special treat, as will so many other records you've shared here. Each one deserves a separate thank you!

I don't think my friend has internet access, so I've decided to help her out by collecting some of the music from here and sending it to her on CDs. She will surely enjoy and benefit from these records to a great extent.

Giri Mandi said...

agree! Holisitc's depot is rather chaotic and discouraging in its vastness and vagueness, even if filled with shining, rare and precious gems.

Actually the covers of those old hindustani LPs are for me a marvel in itself, and I felt a deep joy seeing Pannalal Ghosh cover art in your blog,when I usually greet it in my drawing room!

And the Malian interlude is absolutely ammaliante*

1 charming, fascinating, witching, bewitching, enchanting

2 (= avvincente) spellbinding, enthralling, riveting.