Thursday, January 27, 2011

Music of Oceania: The Huli of Papua Niugini

Music of Oceania: The Huli of Papua Niugini
Bärenreiter / Musicaphon - BM 30 SL 2703 - P.1983?

Recordings by Jaqueline Pugh-Kitingan and Bronwyn Peters
Commentary, photographs and map by Jaqueline Pugh-Kitingan

Side A

No. 1 Yodelling
No. 2 Musical bow
No. 3 Jaw's harp and bamboo tube
No. 4 Song in falsetto
No. 5 Ala lawininaga - Homesick Lepers Lament
No. 6 Ngodenaga iba gana - The day Virgin Mary - religious song
No. 7 Panpipes
No. 8 Panpipes
No. 9 Panpipes
No. 10 Musical bow

Side B

No. 10 Laments
No. 11 Declamation and narration
No. 12 Ritual Chant
No. 13 Ritual Chant
No. 14 Ritual Chant
No. 15 Ritual Chant
No. 16 - Dance celebration


Anonymous said...

looks like this'll be a rockin' album once it gets posted... nice series!

Janas said...

Once again, thank you Bolingo!

arvind said...

Yes, a humble thanks from me too, bo!

I'll write later about the recordings, though I know they will be special. Meanwhile, I wanted to thank you for taking the time and the effort to make each post so visually enticing. It really draws one to the material!

lord haw haw said...

I'm not complaing but I'm going to have to buy a new hard drive to store all this incredible music, you have no idea how amazing it is for me to sit in my cold house in Dublin, while the post enlightnement social and political experiments of capitalist democracy collapse aroune me, yet, if I close my eyes and listen carefully, I'm out in the forest with my fellow man. however, my wife is worried as I have started to build a dug out canoe in the back garden. Keep up the good work.

bolingo69 said...

Sorry about the little confusion! I wanted to change the zip file because this album is the most complicated of them all when it comes to editing the tracks and as often the track times if at all given are often wrong. The 20+ pages inlay folder also had a page unsharp, so in the last moment, I decided to give yo a better version and the post slipped away before I could add the new link. It is here now anyhow and I think you are all the better fo ir as I also took the time to split some of the tracks further for clarity the unedited and the edited tracks are both included and you find the edited tracks in a separate folder that should make it easier to listen and follow the liner notes... Let me warn you that someone who borrowed this record took the liberty of "correcting" the numbering in the liner notes, don't follow those follow your own understanding and please tell me if you think I mad any mistakes in the trackdivisioning.

Well maybe it is just me but as much as I just like to put a record or a whole bunch on random and sometimes on repeat even... i also like very much to follow closely documentation while listening the first times... So, please bear with me, but I just try to at least aim for best quality in this world of imperfections and sloppiness. All the best and the last volume will come but I have much material that I want to post in between that is at least equally interesting.

You will see ;-)

b.t.w. the "Music" is now here and the down pointing arrow (▼) is now "clickable"...

arvind said...

Thanks for caring and thinking about us, bo! Its deeply appreciated!

bolingo69 said...

Thanks for the feed-back Arvind!
Much appreciated
and Lord Haw haw...
I'm sitting in a cold house in Spånga
(you can google earth it if you like..)
Close to where i live they used to push old people off a cliff, and long ago there used to be a navigable river where the Rinker, the guards of the vikings, had one of their garrisons. But alas it was all filled out and is nothing than a narrow ditch nowadays that does not even transport water in springtime and therefore no place to moor even a small vessel like a canoe...

B.W. Blackwell said...

Just stumbled on your utterly amazing site. Truly music for the soul. Thanks for all your efforts, and remember, this stuff changes peoples ears and lives.

beetor said...

I would love an re upload of this!

beetor said...

Thanks so much for reuploading.

Al Billovich said...

Thank you for Bolingo for the exceptional music of your blog, you did such an incredible job here, I really appreciate it!
Unfortunately, I am not able to have access to this specific album. Do you think you can help me with that? Alternatively: is anybody able to give me a working link?
Thanks everybody!
Greeting, Al

Al Billovich said...

I don't know what happened, but it seems working now! Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much!