Monday, January 24, 2011

Bhimsen Joshi - Sangeet Amrit - Sur Malhar, Marwa Shri, Marwa

Bhimsen Joshi - Sangeet Amrit
- Sur Malhar, Marwa Shri, Marwa
EMI India - ECSD-2879 P.1981

Side 1

Raga Sur Malhar
- Garjat Aaye - Khayal Vilambit - ektaal
- Badarwa barsan lage - Khyal Drut - tritaal

Side 2

Raga Marwa Shri
- Sab jagat ke guniyan ko sukh deejo daata - Khyal Vilambit - ektaal
Raga Marwa - Tarana - tritaal


gd said...

damn you beat me to it!
i was just ripping this LP today!

ive got another one though that hopefully you wont beat me to. haah!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for pointing me to this Sur Malhar – I’m taking the opportunity to listen to it now (on Spotify!). At first I thought it would be just be something I’d want to get through to get to the Marwa Shree (!!!) on the other side ...

... but it’s not. Sur Malhar is a very mystical raga to me. I mean: its mysteries are always right in my face, drawing attention to themselves, but I cannot understand them.

It’s against my principles to prefer recordings such as these, tailored to fit on an LP side, to uncut live recordings ... but for the most part, when it comes to Bhimsen, I guess I do. That’s been a surprise. I suppose it shouldn’t have been – everyone knows the LP is a very mystical format!


bolingo69 said...

Panchamkauns, I agree about the mysteriousness of the Sur Malhar and if anyone could cut to size and chisel out something that is openended in time it would be him and Om Kalsoum, I am OK really with the relative shortness of an LP-side and saddened when I think of the qasidas and dawr cut on 78 rpms at the beginning of last century by Yusuf al Manyalawi, Abd al Hayy Hilmi and the likes. How magnificent indeed some of them could have been if they had been allowed to take the space of even a full LP-side instead of residing on several 3-4 minute sides...

and g*d

Don't hesitate, just post your rip as well The one I posted was one of two rips that I made of different copies, one of mine and one from His Excellency, my old friend, who I now and then have the pleasure to converse and consult with in anything concerning musical and spiritual questions. We talk very little about anything material except physical manifestations of music and he is also a big connoisseur of attar and many other things of even more ephemeral sophistication. This will be evident as more of his elevated taste will shine through in later postings.He has also always held Bhimsen Joshi in very high esteem and I am happy that his copy of this LP was better than mine. Especially since he was so kind as to lend it to me and after I had taken the trouble to rip that copy also...

Well, like Panchamkauns so aptly put it:

"The LP is indeed a very mystical format!"

RRR said...

Yikes! Even more amazing blogs to explore! The wonders seldom seem to cease lately. Just learned of this man and am pretty much fascinated at this point. Beautiful aesthetic to this blog too!