Monday, January 24, 2011

Music of Oceania: The Iatmul of Papua Niugini

Music of Oceania: The Iatmul of Papua Niugini
Bärenreiter / Musicaphon - BM 30 SL 2701 - P.1982?

Recordings, commentary, photographs and map by Robert MacLennan, Gordon Spearritt,
Meinhard all recordings made 1972 except track 9 rec. 1975

Side A

No 1 - 7
Seven transverse flutes and hour-glass drum
(Yuman ensemble) at Aibom
No 1 Rhytm on the Hour glass drum for the flute ensemble 0'10,
No 2 Ulawala 1'55
No 3 Namio 1'45
No 4 Ulawala 2'20
No 5 Manjinaui 2'00
No 6 Gitagitavia 2'25
No 7 Luklukvia 2'36

No 8 Tanjangaui - Wagen Mbangu (Fiest of the spirits)
Two slit-drum playing part of wagen mbangu at Kandangai 5'40

Side B

No 9 Mariuamang (Ancestors Ritual)
Two transverse flutes, singer, hour-glass drum, split
bamboo beater and man calling through pipe in clan music of
Kandangai 13'40

No 10 Wagen Mbangu ritual (Feast of the spirits)
Two slit-drums playing part of wagen mbangu at Kandangai. 8'15


arvind said...

Thanks for this record, bo, loved the transverse flute tracks! I think I hae a documentary with some samples of this flute playing, but I can't remember what its called. Let me check.

This series is great, such good atmosphere, and a strong sense of being there, and also worth appreciating is the well-written, detailed notes. Really the best virtual tour of Papua New Guinea for all of us who won't be going there anytime soon :)

Janas said...

Awesome! Thanks a lot Bolingo!

Anonymous said...

Each post is an education here, not to mention great fun! I didn't even know of the existence these records before you posted them.

Thank you, sir!

bolingo69 said...

Thank you for your kind comments! Arvind I would like to see that footage of the flutes. Please tell me if you find it.

There is a new great one from this series coming tonight if the winds are forwards... ;-)

And another spectacular one tomorrow night if the wind holds...

Anonymous said...

hi, do u have a mediafire link for this file?
multiupload doesn t work anymore

by the way, great blog!