Friday, June 17, 2011

An Anthology of North Indian Classical Music • Vocal Music

An Anthology of North Indian Classical Music Vol.I 
Vocal Music, Alap, Dhamar, Khyal, Thumri
Recordings and photography Manfred Junius
Commentary Alain Danielou
Bärenreiter - BM 30 SL 2051 - P.1975

Side A

Zahiruddin and Faiyazuddin Dagar
(Junior Dagar Brothers)

A1 Âlâp - Raag Ahir Bhairava 15'01
A2 Dhamar - Raag Ahir Bhairava - Dhamar 14'41

A2 + Gopal Das, Pakhawaj

Side B

Yunus Hussain Khan, vcl - Sabri Khan, sarangi
B1 Khyal - Raag Sujani Malhar - Ektal - Tintal 16'06

Dipali Nag, vocal - Sabri Khan, sarangi
B2 Thumri - Raag Bhairavi - Dipchandi tal 11'20

B1+2 Zamir Ahmad Kahn, tabla

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arvind said...

Thanks for another fascinating compilation record, bo! If only I had it so easy while taking my first few baby steps into this music. Really envy all the new listeners who're going to find ICM through Luobaniya!

I'm interested to find out what the notes have to say about the music, knowing that most notes that come with the Barenreiters are quite descriptive and informative.

Giri Mandi said...

Arvind, I was thinking just the same... but it's also true that when you are young and you have just very few records in your small collection, you get to know them by heart, in every microscopic detail (cover included)! I know many students inhibited by the superabundance of MP3s in their computers, and at length they just listen and snatch a little bit here, a little bit there...

arvind said...

Yes, that's an important point, Giri Mandi. There's such an abundance of music available these days, its just not humanly possible to form a personal relationship with all of it. Not that all of it would deserve such regard either. Many I know only manage to sample some music randomly from different records, or even worse, just hoard away in the hope of listening one day.

In spite of all this, somehow, I have great faith in the power of the music itself, not just ICM, but so many different kinds of music. Its just not possible to sample it and walk away. If you're ready for it, surely it will influence dig deeper, listen more, maybe learn, support it, change yourself, whatever. And this can only be a good thing, for both the music and the listener.

I'm never able to take my mind away from the wonderful things we're a part of these days, things we take so much for granted: for the first time in history, we have such glorious access to the greatest cultural treasures ever made on our planet.

Valentin MH said...

Thanks, bolingo ! Knew this 4 LP series from before, very good music...I think I have them (the CDs reissue edition) in lossless...Anyway, wanna say the Khyal in Sujani Malhar of Yunus Hussain Khan is one of the most touching pieces of Hindustani vocal that I have ever listen.

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful collection I used to own on the tape... Unfortunately I do not have it anymore; do you think there would be any chance in the near future to have the rest of the volumes?!



Love Letters Journal said...

Hi Bo, or as the Xhosa speakers say, haaiybo!

Eager to listen to this but rapidshare gives me "Download parameters invalid - please try again later." Something I get on some things from your site though others download fine. Have you any idea what's up?

One Love


Unknown said...

Hey this blog is so awesome i found this time so much music which I can play now thaks thanks thanks♡ maybe you can write la da dee I have so an earworm of this music.

Indian Classical Music

Tel-X said...

This blog is wonderful. Thank you! I'm a white UK male, who isn't a racist (I've fought against it my whole life), and I believe with all my heart that seeking out the diversity in the world is the most enlightening path to follow, for all fellow humans.