Friday, June 3, 2011

Les Touareg - rec. by Danièle & Douchan Gersi - 1970

Les Touareg (Avec les Seigneurs des Sables) 
- Tassili, Iforas, Hoggar.
Traditional Tuareg tribal music recorded by Danièle & Douchan Gersi
Disques Alvarès - (Production la Boîte à Musique) C 469 - P.1970

Side A

A01 Tindi
A02 Tindi
A03 Tindi
A04 Tindi
A05 Tindi
A06 Tindi
A07 Tazengarat (Appel aux Esprits)

Side B

B01 Ahal
B02 Ahal
B03 Ahal
B04 Ahal
B05 Tindi (Imzad)
B06 Tindi (Imzad)
B07 Chant de Guerre et Tindi
B08 Tindi
B09 Saha (Chant pré-islamique)
B10 Tindi (Cheo Menina)
B11 Tindi (Aicha)
B12 Tindi (Danse des batons)
B13 Tindi des Kel Ajjer

Bonus interimistic post! Here is a great record that was thanks to a fellow blogger and good friend Janas, who runs a most exquisit blog named Chaudron and that is worthy of many walkabouts. The picture below is from one of his previous posts on a book about the Hoggar Tuaregs, check it out here. He also has a remarkable collection of records and some of the most rare vinyl, some that I have been looking for during a long long time. This record is one of them! I am very happy to share with you this most appreciated addition to the Luobaniyan archives, and there are some more equally great ones waiting to be posted also generously shared by him.. Hope you enjoy as much as I do!

The Tuareg of the Hoggar

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bolingo69 said...

I could not resist this one for many reasons but there is one obvious maybe only to me and maybe some other with a fascination for numbers and a little superstitious or shall we say occult streak ... I must admit that lIke August Strindberg I also take instructions from some sublime messages in the cosmic underbrush and the catalogue number clearly indicates that this record is "for sixty nine" ;-)

Miguel said...

Hail to you Bolingo69!


Hail to you Janas!

straight from the heart

Miguel :)

Anonymous said...

I've always wanted to listen to some old recordings of Tuareg music. It'll be interesting to listen to after all the new bands like Toumast and Tinariwen.

Thanks for the share!


Anonymous said...

since i'm a desert dweller myself, i have a special interest in tuareg music. thanks!!

arvind said...

Thanks to both of you, Janas and bolingo, for this record, its a wonderful one! Listening now! :)

anonymousremains said...

I could quite easily get even more excited than usual with this gem......
: )

Nuage fiché qui rêve said...

Thank you Janas & Bolingo.
I have enjoyed your previous post with Touareg music, and am looking forward to this one, particularly the Tazengharat, which is a rather rare performance on record, as far as I know.

Wschodni Folk said...

Can You re-upload this abum, please?

John Moore said...

Only just discovered your chest of priceless treasures.Many thanks for allowing us to listen to so many real gems. These Touareg recordings are truly wonderful, especially the tindi. I was recording Touareg music at the same time in the Tassili but unfortunately not many of my recordings have survived. It is great to hear some splendid desert music from that time.