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Ram Chatur Mallick • Chant Dhrupad et Dhamar rec. 1976

 Pandit Ram Chatur Mallick 
• Chant Dhrupad et Dhamar
Musique de l'Asie traditionelle Volume 9 - Inde du Nord
rec. August 1976 in Patna
Playasound - PS 33513 -  P.1977

Side A

A1 Raga Darbari Kanhra - Alap - Dhrupad in Choutal 26'15

Side B

B1 Raga Multani - Alap - Dhamar in Dhamar Tal 27'30

Very well, I'll conclude these Dhrupad excesses for the moment with a Dharbanga post. There is already a lot to digest here already. This single record of Ram Chatur Lal Mallick will have to represent "The Mallicks". I know of no other LP's so you are welcome to enlighten me if there are any others. There are just a few CD's to be found by him and at least one by his son Vidur Mallick. What happened to the possible career of Abhay Narayan Mallick I have no idea about anything recent, maybe some of you do? There is at least one K7 with him published back in 1998 on the label Ninaad with the catalogue number NC 0011 called Gauhar • The Pearl of Darbhanga Dhrupad. It was posted before on the Raga Blog here...

This record was put out by PlayaSound, and in their series Musique de l'Asie traditionelle there were quite a few other titles that were interesting so if you are sitting on good copies of any of those please contact me so we can share them here! Or better yet, start your own blog and I will follow that one! 
You can find some of the titles in that series as well as some African ones on the back of the sleeve!

There is quite a bit more to read in the gatefold of the record sleeve but it was unkind to any attempts of OCR so you will have to read it from there. There is a French and an English version of the text. I am sorry that there is a bit of a rumble on the first part of the B-side. It gets milder but is still annoying as it is in the more quite part of the recording but it gradually goes away and is all gone by 2'15 - 2'20. If anyone have a better rip I would be happy to have a replacement. Again we owe thanks to our good friend His Excellency for lending us his copy. As always, I hope you enjoy!

Pandit Ram Chatur Mallick,  1903 - 1990
Ram Chatur Mallick was a leading representative of the Darbhanga (Bihar) school of Dhrupad singing and was taught by Rameshwar Pathak. He passed away on January 13, 1990 in Patna, Bihar.

Abhay Narayan Mallick, vocal support

Ramashish Phatak, pakhawaj

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arvind said...

Thanks for another precious record, bo! Its important to bring these obscure issues out in the open, preserving what little we have of traditions like darbhanga dhrupad.

In what appears to be another case of synchronicity, I was just looking at the digital copy of another record from this series yesterday, and wondering if the others would be around somewhere. :) More about that on email!

Mutha Klanger said...

hello bolingo

just thought it was about time I emerged from my Lurkery and
said a big thanks for all the wonderful things you have been
putting up, particularly the current explosion of ICM that
has been going on since May :-)

all much appreciated. even where I already have the vinyl
or a tape your copies seem much better quality than what
I've ended up with. must say thanks to Tawfiq for all his
recent efforts too. i'll wander over to his blog later.

i think this Ram Chatur Mallick is one of the releases that
has been kicked around on various reissues, most recently
on the cheapo Airmail Music series. have a listen here for
a sample...

a good few others may well be there too...

I don't think these came in vinyl versions, just CD and download.
you don't get much in the way of sleevenotes, either way.

hrempe said...

great post, bo! thanks a lot! i think this is the first time i see a vynil rip of this one. the other issue i know of is the PMLP 3070, Darbhanga Dhrupad, EMI India, on which the maestro sings Bhoopali, Shuddha Basant and a Khamaj thumree. All i have is a K7 rip which has been circulating on the web (RPG, STC 04B 7419).

It is a misfortune, indeed, that Abhay Narayan Mallik has been scantly recorded (or released, who knows!?). Beside the Pearl Of Darbhanga mentioned in the post, there is another fantastic release called "Dhrupad At Its Best" (believe me , not exaggerated at all!) which contains a mindblowing exposition of his artistry in 3 parts: Alhaiya Bilawal, Multani and Basant. Again, i have only a K7 rip of this (RPG, STCS 04B 7469).

Anonymous said...

I've been looking for some recordings of Pt. Ram Chatur Mallick and thought none existed until I stumbled on your blog ! Thanks a lot for such rich and complete information and pics. But I could not download the music files, can you tell me where I can do it please ?

dehri said...

Hi, this is abhsheik Pathak and i am the grandson of pt. Abhay Narayan Mallick.Considering your limited information, let me correct you that shri Vidur Mallick was not the son of pt R.C.Mallick in question.Infact he comes from the same village and followed the same tradition in his own right.Panditji only had one and only ward shri Ramjie Mallick who dint pursue music and chose work in the hospitality industry.Panditji's only disciple was pt. Abhay Narayan Mallick who also happens to be his grandson cousinwise.

sanjay kumar mallick said...


I m snehil mallick and granddaughter of pt. Abhay Narayan Mallick and pt. Vidur Mallick only belong from our village but nt have any kind of relation with pandit Ramchatur Mallick in singing . If u ar intrested in learning such a style of dhrupad singing frm py. Abhay narayan mallick then can contact me .

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